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Remember John Coleman? He’s the original founder of the Weather Channel that wants to sue Al Gore for bringing climate change front and center — something he perceives as a hoax on the grandest of levels. He’s also disgruntled because the network he built is pushing the environmental agenda with green-themed reports and series. “They’re telling us how to think!,” he wildly claimed during a skeptics conference last March.

Yea, well, Coleman probably isn’t going to be happy with the recent gossip that NBC Universal has acquired the Weather Channel for $3.5 billion. As we’ve seen in the past, NBC is fully committed to green programming — with two “green-themed” weeks already under its belt in the last 12 months. Most likely, it will remain business as usual for WC’s green push — something we’re more than happy to see continue. 

The real winner of the bidding war is likely to be revealed shortly. Stay tuned. 

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  • erin

    John Loser Coleman scares me and quite frankly I can’t believed he hasn’t been permanently swallowed by a big ole hurricane or twister.

  • Remy Chevalier

    NBC owning the Weather channel brings us one step closer to the web interactive environmental TV network Summer Rayne Oakes and I were pitching back in 2004 with

    All GE needs to do now, is launch Planet Green on allowing ticker tape and pop up windows on Planet Green to access the Weather channel in case of environmental emergency.

  • Gary Gentrese

    “Global warming” is a scam created by the ecoterrorists to usher in socialism/communism. What more do you expect from the slimiest of scum America has bred?