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“The way the Celtic nature takes me means that I tend to look towards the interesting and dark side of things and the dark side of things frequently go hand in hand with the truth. Right now I own two Prius cars and an SUV Lexus – I have no other cars – and I am gradually getting myself into the position of being sensible in every possible form because I think we may have done it! People say I am so depressing, but I am not depressing, I am being factual. And it might not be your children’s children – you might see it yourself.”

– Director Ridley Scott in a recent interview with Eclipse Magazine.

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  • Remy Chevalier

    Keep in mind this is the man who brought us Bladerunner, a brilliant but bleak movie… He’s had 30 years of being a Hollywood giant to produce an equally brilliant green themed feature.

    Give us solutions Ridley, don’t lament on how sordid a fate we face. We all know it’s dire out there. Give us the tools to dig ourselves out. Just do it!

    Demand LEDs and solid-state li-ion chemistries… The latest International battery conference held discussion panels on existing chemistries which could take the Tesla 2000 miles on one charge. Where’s Duracell in Connecticut, other than lying about the state of the art!

    There’s only one industry that can bring all this technology into the open, away from the GE and GM of this world, who have sat on it for two generations! That’s the movie industry, it’s Arnold!

    They give Academy Awards for scientific and Technical achievement!