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Being a celebrity has its crappy parts: ruthless paparazzi, scandalous gossip columns, sketchy yes men. But as we like to prove here at Ecorazzi, being in the limelight also has its advantages — like using your power for good and adding credibility to a cause you believe in.

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey are on a mission to spread awareness about the rise in autism by leading the Green Our Vaccines march and rally in Washington, D.C., today.

Here’s a little brain candy: in 1960 children in the U.S received 5 vaccinations. By 2007 the number had reached 24 vaccine injections to protect against 16 different diseases. That’s a lot of frigin chemicals! The Green Our Vaccines initiative calls for the elimination of toxins from children’s vaccines and to change children’s vaccination schedules.

Today in America 1 out of every 150 children are diagnosed with autism and many parents believe that the increase in childhood vaccination is to blame. Jenny McCarthy and Carrey said that while they do support immunization, they and their allies believe children receive “too many vaccines, too soon, many of which are toxic.”

What do you think Ecorazzi readers? Are kids getting overly vaccinated at too young of an age? Are all those chemicals contributing to the rise in autism? Grab that keyboard and let us know what you think!

  • Mother of A Vaccine Injured Child

    My child had a vaccine reaction. 6 hours after 4 shots, there was blood in her diaper. Her intestines were bleeding. She was having seizures, high fevers and violent vomiting. I watched my child stop breathing. She had been normal that very morning. She now has autism amoung other things as well. Please go to my myspace page if you have questions .
    Angela Mother of a Vaccine Injured Child

  • Talulah

    Jenny and Jim are spreading dangerous lies about vaccines. There is no connection between any ingredient in vaccines and autism. If you were Jenny wouldn’t you be looking for someone to blame your child’s problems on? Wouldn’t you want something big and dramatic to put yourself in the middle of so as to get attention? The vaccine schedule increase in the 1990s because new vaccines were developed that saved lives. Jenny’s Generation Rescue is run by openly anti-vaccine extremists who recommend that children never get vaccinated, and when pushed will allow that parents might use some vaccines but leave children vulnerable to diseases that have and do kill children. These diseases also kill adults with immune systems that are not functioning well, such as people with AIDS. The whole world does not revolve around Jenny the Centerfold. Fortunately, for the most part they are being ignored by the media because Jenny and Jim and Generation Rescue have no credibility.

  • rachel

    mAYBE IF jenny hadnt made her kid wear a brain crushing helmut to make his head a normal shape. The kids brain was damaged hes not outistic. Hes epileptic

  • Mother of Vaccinated Child

    Thank you Jenny McCarthy for allowing the anti-vaccine lies to spread, and cause outbreaks of such easily avoidable diseases such as Whooping cough in california Schools. Scientific studies show there is NO correlation between thimerasol and autism.

    It only takes 5% of children in a school, who are not vaccinated to break “herd immunity”. You pose a danger to those children who have a legitimate medical reason for not being vaccinated. You are also risking outbreaks of diseases that KILL. We’ve wiped out Polio once. Why must we fight to keep it that way?

  • Michelle

    You may not like Jenny, but don’t you think there is some merit to the fact that autism is on the rise at a rate much more than any of the diseases we vaccinate against. Also, most of these diseases are curable…autism is not. Try to think out of the political CDC box for a minute. Keep in mind the people who are disputing the vaccine correlation are the same people who told us we had to give it to our kids. Do you think they are going to recant their own regulations?

  • Uncle of a wonderful Autistic child

    Open your ears and minds people, this isn’t anti-vaccine, it’s anti-toxins in our vaccines. Try doing an internet search on the effects of mercury on the human body and then try and justify any reason for including mercury in a vaccine. Autism rates have increased from 1 in 10000 births to 1 in 150 births over the past couple decades when all of these great vaccines were ‘perfected’. Some say there is no tie between vaccines and autism, I say that’s because there have been next to no studies done. Those people who think the CDC and the government actually tell them the truth are sadly mislead. I’ve worked for military government programs for 15 years and believe me, the government lies!

    • Kill Jenny!

      There actually have been countless studies done,Uncle of a wonderful autistic child. So shut up. Go do some research that is more in-depth than a Bing search.

  • jgray

    For all you nice people quoting scientific studies I have a question…. Have you seen or read these studies? And I don’t mean from the CDC. I’m referring to the nonexistant independant studies. It’s always funny to see people quoting studies they’ve never actually seen. What we have here is an epidemic of people giving thier expert opinions on things they know nothing about. If you’re not directly affected by autism, your opinion means nothing. That goes for any other condition as well. So please, stop talking out of your butt.

  • Susan Goewey

    Jenny is NOT alone. Listen to RFK Jr. speak on the topic of mercury exposure before you dismiss the FACT that too many vaccines are given to tiny babies, too soon. Severe Autism is worse than every disease the vaccines are designed to prevent. When they inject the same vaccine schedule into animals, the animals die or start “acting” autistic. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Or don’t. Just remember it can happen to a child you love too. NEVER vaccinate a sick child. NEVER give more than one vaccine agent at once. READ THE STUDIES. Do NOT take the CDC or pharmaceutical companie’s word at face value. Delve into as Jenny and thousands of other parents have and you’ll learn the truth. It’s not just autism. It is Juvenille Diabetes, ADD, Celiac and a host of other conditions that are being triggered by too many vaccines too soon. Did you know they contain aluminum, formaldhyde, antifreeze, and YES they do still contain mercury.

  • Fil Navarra

    Thousands of parents with thousands of autistic kids. Many of them doctors.
    Jenny’s child was recovered not from “autism” but the poisons in the vaccine that caused the autism. There are too many cases of recovered children to dismiss the fact that the vaccines caused the damage. The latest CDC study that came out Monday proves it. Those baby girls that are slight less developed by being born under weight or pre-term had higher rates of autism. You have all heard of the MAD hatters in England that used mercury in their shops. They only breathed in the mercury,emagine having it injected into you….deliberately.
    Believe the parents. They are the ones going through hell. Not the executives of big pharma who profit from the sale.

  • Melinda New Zealand

    Thanks Susan, you are correct if people bother to do research there is truckloads of infomation on the dangers of vaccination, I have been reading for 15 Years, books internet lectures, etc,a study has just been published of monkeys administered the vaccines and who are now exibiting symptoms of autism !, I wonder why this has not made front page news around the world, because vested interests ,this is an important study, there is also evidence in the amish comunity in the USA who do not vaccinate there children, they do not have any autistic children, unfortunately GOVERNMENTS and the medical establishment do lie! There are thousands of doctors around the world who have now written books speaking out against vaccination, every year the body of evidence is increasing, I suppose it may take 60 years like it did with cigarettes for the truth to come out, all of you making comment without have read any information, maybe you should educate yourselves before you speak about something u know nothing about, i think you may change your mind! good on you Jenny!!, you deserve great congatulations on your efforts and for standing up to the Medical Establishment and the CDC! Keep up the good work !

  • Mitzie

    Please disregard the negative venom that some folks spit when you question their status quo, and really research the vaccines or any substance for that matter that you are giving your children. p.s. please stop hating! it’s perfectly American to question authority.

  • jgray

    try to remember, we’re not always talking about polio. i know so many people that had measles, mumps, chicken pox, etc. and none of them ever spent thier life fighting it. i don’t think even the CDC could say that your child had a 1/150 chance of being permantly damaged by the measles. think about what it is we’re vaccinating against. would you really consider chicken pox a greater risk to your child than autism? i didn’t believe all the hype about the vaccines. my son was vaccinated right on schedule. i’d give just about anything for the chicken pox now. there’s really no scientific evidence that the shots are safe. there’s not one study that shows mercury to be safe. remember what your mother once told you about the thermometer….. don’t play with the mercury, it’s poison.

  • Shannon Dougherty

    As the parent of a 15 month old son, I can say it’s extremely confusing to know what is the right thing to do. I spent nearly my entire last trimester reading about this vaccine issue. I didn’t limit my reading to the Internet and books either. As a graduate student, I had access to the mega-search engine Lexus Nexus, and I used it to track down most of the studies referenced in anti- and pro-vaccine literature.

    The anti-vaccine studies I looked at were very small and many were very poorly designed. In the end, I could not make the very significant decision to refuse to vaccinate my son based on what I read. I would need much better science to send my son out in the world unprotected from diseases that can and do still kill and maim people.

    As for the autism-vaccine link – that remains to be seen. There are no sound studies that can entirely dismiss this possibility. I think it’s very important to remember that while the vaccination schedule has increased the # of vaccines our children receive, the diagnostic definition of “autism” has also been revised six times in the past 20 years or so, becoming increasingly more broad with each revision. Many children that were previously diagnosed as “mentally retarded” are now receiving more specific diagnoses, including autism. That, combined with the decreased stigmatism (thank goodness!) of having a challenged child is certainly responsible for much of the apparent increase of autism. Maybe not all of that increase, but certainly a significant portion.

    Finally, if autism is being driven by environmental triggers, there are SO many things we do differently than we did 30-40 years ago. Think how much environmental pollution we have now (much of it includes mercury)… ultrasounds… IVF treatments… parents who have families at an older age… different birth control methods… industrial farming and its effect on our food supply… and on and on and on.

    My point being that the anti-vaccine folks often lose me when they start making connections between autism and vaccines based on poor logic and little science. It’s like the “ice cream causes rape” pseudo-argument. In the summer time, ice cream sales go up. So do rape crimes. So, can we conclude that ice cream causes rape? No, they simply have a correlation relationship, not a causal one.

    Having said all that, please know that I agonize over this decision as much as any other mother out there. We all want to do the best by our children and it would kill any one of us to think we deliberately subjected our children to a treatment that caused their permanent mental demise, especially when we’re just trying to keep them safe. I am open to and am researching alternative vaccination schedules (if for no other reason than to subject my baby to less pain and fear at his doctor’s visits) but I cannot refuse to do vaccinations based on what I’ve discovered so far.

    Godspeed to all of us. I hope we all find the answers we need to do right by our kids.

  • Elisabeth

    As mommy to a 20 month old, I can sympathize with all parents when they make the decision for their own child whether or not to vaccinate. My husband began researching vaccines a couple of years BEFORE I got pregnant with our son. We made the decision to put him on an alternative shot schedule. I do think there is a correlation between vaccines and other “stuff”. I won’t go so far as to say autism, but I don’t see how it can be a good thing to pump our little baby full of chemicals and innoculations before his immune system is fully functional.

    I do think immunizations are important. However, too many and too early are what really get to me. I mean, they wanted me to give my 6 hour old baby a Hep B shot? No way.

    Kudos to Jenny and Jim for what they are doing. IF not for children with autism, but for children everywhere who just don’t need that many shots. Give their bodies a chance to grow first.

  • Mother of Vaccinated Child

    It’s thimerasol, not mercury, that was once used in vaccines. It has not been used in vaccines that are required / recommended for approximately 5 years.

    “diagnostic definition of “autism” has also been revised six times in the past 20 years or so, becoming increasingly more broad with each revision.” So very true. Also, with the level of awareness raised, it may seem that there are epidemic numbers, but there are not.

    I previously mentioned polio as an example. This was because there have been recent outbreaks in Africa. People fear the vaccines, then don’t get them. Once 5% of the population is NOT vaccinated, you are at risk of an outbreak.

    I’ve worked with kids with autism and aspergers. I want nothing more than to find a cure. But this is not the solution. This is only harming other children. This “anti-vaccine” mentality is what caused half the population of a private California school to not be vaccinated, and to be shutdown due to an outbreak of whooping cough, which can kill children!

    We must raise the funds and do the research to find the TRUE answer to help our children.

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  • jgray

    did we also change the diagnostic criteria for diabetes? how ’bout asthma? are those definitions getting more broad too? i suppose food allergies aren’t really on the rise. maybe we just recently started diagnosing the kids that were swelling up and turning blue. autism isn’t the only thing that more than doubled. if they create a vaccine next year for runny noses, it will be mandated. then you will say “oh my god, do you want an outbreak of runny noses?” we’re NOT anti-vaccine. we only want them to change the schedule, and make some of them such as chicken pox voluntary. and actually remove the thimerasol instead of just lowering it and calling it removed. we’re asking that since the government refuses to fund any independant research at all, then simply err on the side of caution. they can go on hiding whatever it is they’re hiding. but make the changes anyway. do you realize they’re now recommending that we vacinate girls as young as 9 for the human papiloma virus? of course no one wants cervical cancer. but this virus is sexually transmitted. couldn’t we just maybe try teaching our kids not to have sex when they’re 9?! we can’t do that, because parents have gotten lazy, and the cdc and ama are getting rich off big pharma, who’s getting rich off mandates. what’s next? vaccinating 5 year olds so they won’t get genital herpes?

  • krystal – momofautism

    I am a mother of 4 children on the spectrum, the 5th of which is currently undergoing evaluations for autism and all I have to say is there are too many vaccines given to children too early.

    In my case – i have a genetic predisposition to autism but I think that the vaccines made it worse and I regret every day for not listeing to my mother’s instinct and following what the docs said. Now I have a doc who is open-minded and actually listens to parents (heck 80% of his practice is children with autism) and I am happy but I still think that more can be done!

    Something needs to happen, we care so much about polluting our waters and air but not about polluting our children.

  • jgray

    ya know…. not every kid got autism the same way. not every kid got it to the same degree. but to rule out vaccines as the cause simply because some of them got it another way is really closed minded. skin cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia, bone cancer, cervical cancer….none of these are caused by smoking. i guess smoking can’t cause cancer.

  • think-about-it

    The title given to the rally was “Green our Vaccines”. In vaccines are numerous toxins that we are currently hearing about from many reliable sources. BPA from plastic bottles can leech into the liquids inside; moms stopped using certain baby bottles, even Nalgene is changing the production of their bottles to avoid use of this chemical. There were recent reports about the amounts of formaldehyde emmissions from the MDF used in cribs and other furniture which many are concerned about. Pregnant women have long been advised to stay away from certain types of fish and only eat limited amounts due to mercury levels. Each of these are ingredients in different vaccines; why are we not concerned about this? Regardless of whether you see a link, or whether it will take a CDC report to open your mind, I ask this; Do you still microwave your dinner in a cheap plastic bowl? Are you concerned by air quality if you live in an industrial area? Have you had your well water tested or read the reports on your city water; do you use a Brita filter? Do you buy organic foods? Do you use bug spray with DEET? I mean, we are becoming aware of toxins in our environment and lives in many different forms. And people are aware and concerned on many different levels. But it is naive to not want more research done, and efforts made to take these toxins out of the vaccines we give our children. Its not to say “lets forget about vaccines”, its to say “lets make them better”- and lets be careful in the meantime.

  • Erin

    Wow, call me crazy but I kind of figured the folks who read EcoRazzi were mostly “green” and perhaps even of an alternative mind set.. You know – holistic healing, not into shooting your kids up with way too many vaccines and mercury poison at a few hours old… but I guess I was wrong.

    Quite frankly people go back to FOX NEWS and don’t upset yourself by reading a green site. *I* personally don’t watch Fox news because I can’t stand it. If you’re truly green then you’ll understand what this movement is about – if you’re not please don’t waste our time with your
    anti green comments and go somewhere else.

  • Artemis

    I don’t think it’s fair to tell that they can’t be both green and in favor of vaccinations. Vaccines work. McCarthy claims mercury in vaccines damaged her child, born in 2002, when it had been removed from the childhood vaccine series in 2001. This letter has some interesting points:

  • jgray

    sorry artemis. but even the cdc doesn’t claim that all the mercury is gone. they claim that they removed most of it, from most vaccines. and she didn’t claim that mercury alone did that. WE claim that mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, ether, antifreeze, and other toxins that are not disputed to be in the vaccines played a role. also, the number of live viruses given at a time to babies that were too young at the time played a role. is it really so important to give hep b to a baby that’s 12 hours old? especially preemies or otherwise sick children. take a look around a newborn nursery and tell me, how many newborns are going to be sexually active today? how many are going to share needles with iv drug users today. we are NOT anti-vaccine. we just think it’s too many too soon. my generation got 7 vaccines as children. my generation was not affected by any of the epidemics that you opposers seem to cling to. maybe 7 shots were a good thing. but come on, chicken pox? we chose chicken pox over autism. HELLO. i guess you don’t see the lunacy in vaccinating 9 year old girls against a sexually transmitted disease so she can be one less. one less little girl to get cervical cancer from being sexually active at 9…. well, i would want my daughter to be one less 9 year old having sex! i’m not anti-vaccine. i say let her get the damn shot when she’s 16. until then, let her keep her legs shut. it’s too many. too soon.

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  • Jennae Petersen

    Well put, jgray. I don’t know that there is a provable causal link between autism and vaccines, but I definitely understand the desire to be cautious and reduce the number of toxins that we are pumping into our kids’ still-developing bodies. And I recently found out that a child in my family has been diagnosed with autism, so this discussion really hits home for me. I say if you know better, do better. Putting our children on an alternative vaccine schedule if we are uncomfortable with the recommended schedule seems like common sense until we know for sure how all these toxins are affecting them.

  • Jenny Fan

    Please listen to Jenny’s interview on World Puja Network. She promises to bring back the website she shut down, and promises to fight genetically modified foods the way she is now fighting vaccination.

    You will need to sign in but it’s very simple.

    Jenny’s interview starts about 20 minutes into the show.

  • http://None Danielle

    I think what Jenny and Jim are doing is a wonderful thing, making people aware. If you don’t like the information then don’t use. I am a new parent and one of my concerns is the amount of shots a small child receives. NJ is now a state that mandates flu and phnemonia shots, which is something I actually don’t agree with. Look if the vaccinations were so good why is there a vaccination injury help line?? I just wish as a parent you had more RIGHTS to make some decisions yourself.

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  • Jason

    Some of you will get it.

    Many of you won’t

    Judging from the antifreeze comments, many of you are also ignorant about simple high school level chemistry as well.

  • Jason

    More on these claims about aluminum and such.

    Seriously…deodorant hysteria is the foundation of why they claim the aluminum in vaccines is bad. Hilarious. Just because compounds share common elements doesn’t mean they act the same in the body at all.

    NaCl – Sodium Chloride: table salt and tasty on chicken

    NaCN – Sodium Cyanide: Kills you

    Chemistry is fun.

    What is not fun is watching a kid die of whooping cough – something that never has to happen.

  • I work in Pediatrics

    Did anyone catch Jenny McCarthy on Larry King Live? I think what she said was extremely profound. When asked if she would let her next child be immunized her response was no. However, she continued by saying that she believes that our children diagnosed with Autism may be missing something and that the vaccines could be a trigger. So based on this she would not have her next child take that risk as they would have a genetic link. Why would any parent risk it happening again? If we all agree that there are many triggers in our environment that can cause many diseases then why not believe that genetically we could be passing this on to our children and that a vaccine could be trigger effect of Autism. As I stated I work in Pediatrics and the number of referrals I do for Neuropsych Testing that can give a definative diagnosis of Autism is exponential. It is also frightining to me at the number of referrals I do for Oncology as so many of childrens have Cancer, some are very rare Cancers. It is time we woke up and realized that there is something seriously wrong with our environment and that our next generations are even more at risk. Green our Vaccines is really a wake up call to a much bigger picture. I support their efforts in trying to get some of us to take our heads out of the sand.

  • Dee

    I love that everyone calls Jenny the liar and are so willing to follow “Scientific Research” provided by the government. Our government is run by politicians who are persuaded to vote by lobbyist. One of the biggest lobbyist groups out there are the pharmeucitical companies. They are making billions per year selling pills, vaccinations, drugs, etc. They stand to lose a lot if vaccines are not given on their schedule. So they tell the senator to tell Congress that vaccines are good and are needed. This is how it works. The only way things change is when someone does the research and fights against what is obviously a lie. This is why women now vote, slavery is abolished and this is how we’ll change the health of our children.

    I know a mother who lost her child due to vaccine. The little girl got her shots so she could start school. She was healthy and active the morning of the shots. The next days she was dead. IF that were your child you would not believe that vaccines are all good either.

    The danger is not in Jenny’s information. The danger is in those who refuse to seek the answers for themselves and just willing follow the governments lead.

    Every mother is an advocate for her child. I will fight for mine and I will refuse MMR shots. For those who call us a threat – too bad. We are no more threatening than the shot you give your child.

  • Kristen

    My child went to get the Hep A shot and the nurse gave him all his 18 months shots again. So he got a double dose. He also got the mmr which he didn’t need until he is 4. So he now already has 2 doses at 19 months. I am so angry I don’t know what to do.

  • Mary Wright

    Maybe we should introduce Jenny to a few of the kids I have met brain damage from measles infection.

  • Me

    Mary Wright…
    Maybe you should meet a few of the kids brain damaged by vaccinations.
    Please. I cringe at the thought of ever having to make the vaccine decision for a newborn. My children were all 3 harmed by vaccines, I have video and medical records to substantiate it. The decision is already made for me however, it pains me to no end that I DON’T want my kids to get some disease. What to do now? I just want to protect my children and frankly your children but to have to decide the lesser of 2 evils…



  • Joan

    As the mother of a 21 year old son with Autism, I say kudos to Jenny and Jim. When my son was diagnosed with Autism not many people had heard of it. I truly believe the Thimersol in the shots caused the problem. Josh seemed to develop just fine until he was about 13 months old. After his 1 year old vaccination Josh disappeared from our world. You can’t even begin to imagine what that is like. Whether or not you agree with Jenny and Jim they do not deserve many of the mean comments I’ve seen in these e-mails. No one can truly under stand the pain, heart break, joy and love that goes with raising a disabled child until they have been there….WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES!!

  • Lydia Shelley

    Autism is on the rise because the diagnosis did not exist before the 1990s and there are many of us who grew up without the benefit of our diagnosis or any kind of treatments. Some were termed mentally retarded before computers proved they were just our nonverbal brethren.

    Riddle me this: IF vaccines cause Autism then why does it appear to affect males by a 4-1 ratio? You can’t tell me that’s the ratio of vaccinated children…

    We in the Autistic community would love to put the champion of OUR choice in the ring with Ms. McCarthy in this “smackdown”, and hope that Mr. Carrey is intelligent enough to weigh ALL of the evidence and see that he’s probably one of us too among other things… and that Autism is genetic.

  • Susan

    Fine – don’t vaccinate. Maybe your kid won’t die. Children have died in the UK and Ireland of measles. (

    No vaccination = stay out of school and other places where you put other children at risk. Stay away from the rest of us.

    • Lori

      Wow, such anger and hate. If you vaccincate then according to what you believe you are not at risk for the illness, right???

      I don’t think the people who are opposed really underside the torture parents go thru with an autistic child. I truly believe that vaccines are tied to many illnesses such as ADD, Ashbergers and autism.

      I don’t think that many parents of austistic child are against vaccines but against vaccine cocktails and “preservatives” such as the mercury and other toxins that stand alone in high doses can be extremely harmful. I have not heard one person speak who is educated in biological medicine or Masters /PHD level in chemsitry. The truth is everyones’ body is different. Different people have reactions to vaccines, some don’t some have long term devasting effects. If as a parent you can minimize the risk for reactions to the vaccines would you not want to do that? There is not one of us that can speak definitvely on this topic. Step back and listen to the message that is…. take vaccines in single doses, spread out the time between vaccines and ask for those that do not have the nasty toxins. If this protocol would save your child from a terrible reacion would you not take the precaution? Wow people take a step back and if you don’t like the message then leave or go get a PHD and spend your life researching vaccines to prove they are perfectly safe. Otherwise, don’t be rude to those that have had their lifes affected by a traumitizing event such as being diagnosed iwth an autistic child and whats worse is in many instances these parents have to deal wit hthe feelings that they are responsible.

  • Lisa Engel

    Hi I have recently had my daughter vaccinated at 2 years old I then received a phone call from my insurance company stating that she was given her second dose of hep a 3 months earlier then she should have been I contacted the CDC and they said there is no harm but I am scared and wondering what the actual risks could be if any one can help me find out please let me know thank you Lisa

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  • ricky mooston

    This article should FIRST have presented WHY these groups were concerned in the FIRST place. Report the WHOLE story.

    Apparently there was a 1988 British study that pointed to a POSSIBLE link between CERTAIN vaccines and autism!!! In 2004, apparently 10 out of the 13 scientists conducting the study retracted the claim, stating insufficent evidence.

    A recent Canadian study has apparently shown “no link between them”

    Jim Carrie left highschool early due to family difficulties. McCarthy’s kid has autism and one might understand how the “possible” link would get her concerned.

  • Catherine

    In 1992 the hepatitis B vaccination was added to the vaccination schedule. Since the addition of this one vaccination there has been an explosion of Autism. How can you not see the relationship, just look at the data. Hep B is a blood born disease. The vaccination is recommended for health care works and sexually active adults. Why are we giving it to our babies?

  • Mike Pescatore

    My son joseph was diagnosed as severely autistic on Dec.8,2006.He had aquired several words before his regression.He has no communication skills at all despite intense therapy and a strict casein gluten free diet.His eye contact and awareness of his surroundings increased significantly on the cf/gf diet.Through countless hours of research I have found the common denominator that satifies all conditions of the explosion of the autistic spectrum of diseases.This includes gender,race and demographics.It also explains protein intolerance and vaccination induced injury.My major obstacles have been people who fail to invest the time and dedication to finding a cause.I guess it is easier to support an unoriginal theory of thimerasol poisoning than create and prove your own hypothosis.Dig deeper and eventually truth begins to rear its head no matter how deep it is buried.I have recently filed suit against the company responsible for the explosion of this horrible disease.What have I personally done to solve the mystery of autism?For those people interested I will give you some food for thought.What is the only thing worldwide that contributes to infant and toddlers that create these situations:
    vaccination injury
    mitochondrial dysfunction
    immune suppression
    bacterial and viral infection
    depletion of glutathione,magnesium,vitamin b family and billirubin
    oxidative stress
    glutamate toxicity
    inhibition of neuron long term potentiation
    innapropiate protein metabolism
    irregular bowel movements
    There is a common denominator and it is not thimerasol.The heavy metal toxin is ferrous sulfate.This metal binds to something else to create neurodegenerative cascades.After my court case I will disclose this other element.Before one expresses their opinion they should have knowledge.Anything else not only hinders progress but weakens others’theories based on hard work and dedication.

  • Laurel Dunn

    My sister’s daughter has autism, my children don’t. There may or may not be a connection between the vaccine shots we gave our children and autism. The question to me boils down to this: What harm would it do to readjust, spread out a shot schedule and remove any detrimental material from the vaccines? If there is any possible correlation to vaccine content and vaccination schedule and autism shouldn’t we do all we can to help that 1 in 150 child?
    Laurel Dunn

  • fbr

    I wonder how many children must die from perfectly preventable diseases before this autism nonsense goes away.

  • mike pescatore

    everyone still searching …the answer is not in vaccinations easy to tie a ribbon and dedicate a color to a cause..Pescatore vs Mead Johnson…the answer is in the infant formulas…dha/ara….a lie so big it’s almost impossible to believe..

  • Cherilyn Bukofske

    I know so many friends who have lost their children to Autism after ‘routine’ immunizations. Thank you so much for exposing the lies that the medical community had been trying to hide behind. Thank you for the truth.

  • wendy haynes

    A friend of mine told me about the harmful side affects of vaccinations. I am a mum of 4 and after an informed decision I decided to NOT vaccinate my youngest daughter. She is the healthiest of all of my children and so full of life and personality. My eldest son has learning difficulties and a habbit of touching his earlobes and daydreaming. I had him tested but nothing came up. I beleive God gave me the right information at the right time for my little girl.

  • mark pescatore

    If anyone feels so inclined…Next time your in the super market grab a can of infant formula and read the warning label.(There isn’t one!) Now ask yourself aren’t there warnings on all products including tooth paste and things of this nature? Next look for the FDA approval seal on the can…(none)…That’s right , the FDA will not approve the formula for good reasons..You will see ARA/DHA in all infant formulas with claims to be closer to breast milk…all lies,lies,lies…Now , if your infant son or daughter cannot tolerate ingesting these formulas with DHA/ARA contact the manufacturer,FDA, the mayor, whomever and see who gets back to you…They will tell you to shit and fall back in it if they even respond to you at all….And ..Oh Yeah ..make sure you toss out that 1 hr old formula out after preparing …Hopefully the bottle won’t be found after a day or so under a blanket in the crib and ingested by your baby..Pescatore vs Mead Johnson…We are ready to play ball with these a-holes…

  • mark pescatore

    Check out infant formulas ..start there..something millions of infants rely upon for their sole source of nutition..Why are the ingredients DHA and ARA only allowed under a GRAS (generally regarded as Safe)..Why doesn’t the FDA approve these ingredients in formulas designed for infants.Wake up should be enraged….Don’t take my word for it..Ask the FDA, ask the makers of enfamil,nestles,why…..for money…money,money,money……

  • Jane Boucher

    In the 80’s my friends baby suffered seizures after her first vaccinations, the dr’s said it was not the shot. so she did the second one and the baby went into multiple seizures and suffered brain damage, the medical dr’s would never admit it was the vaccinations that caused this, but it was, the seizures both times happened withen 20 hrs after the vaccinations. Jane Boucher.

  • AlwaysAskWHY

    The virtually unthinking, closed minded replies herein PROVE that UNDERFUNDED EDUCATION IN THIS COUNTRY IS NOT AN ACCIDENT. The Predatory Elite NEED uneducated people, unable to think critically or systematically, who can be easily manipulated with repetitive messages, to carry their water.

    READ, folks, READ. TAKE OUT THE TOXINS… you know, the poisons that American Chemistry have been dumping in our air, water and land/food with for years…PROFITING FROM INJURIES AND POOR HEALTH, AND DEATH.


  • Jeff Schade

    For anyone using the eradication of Polio as a justification for the 20-30 vaccines given to babies now…is the Chicken Pox vaccine really necessary? Or the flu vaccine (which is constantly mutating)? For some diseases it makes sense…for others, it doesn’t. It NEVER makes sense to inject a human being with toxins. Simply by reading the article, you will find they are advocating cleaning up the vaccines so they are not laced with chemicals known to cause brain damage and other problems.

  • healthripe

    It is not the mercury in vaccines, its the vaccine schedule that is the problem. Too many shots, too many antigens, too close together. Our children need to be exposed to fewer antigens, less often, so they don’t get complications from the vaccine like autism and autoimmune diseases. It is all part of greening our vaccines.

  • Doug

    Being a celebrity, and railing against government agencies will get a lot of attention, esp. in recent history. Because public health is also involved, versus personal choice, this tosses in additional controversy.

    The increasing amount of vaccines for such small bodies has to be a stressor, and it’s unfortunate that these aren’t set out on a longer schedule. The guidelines for vaccination are just that, guidelines.

    This could easily be a multi-factorial condition, including the chemical/nuclear/biological exposure that we have all be subjected to in the last 100-odd years, that our bodies are not and have never been designed to tolerate.

  • herwin

    just weeks ago an article in a medical magazine relating autism and vaccines was labeled as fraudulent. Turned out the writer did get paid by lawers who wanted to use the study and the results in turn to sue (and cash in) on pharmaceutical companies.

    that said, vaccines do save lives but sometimes it seems too much, and Green Our Vaccines certainly makes sense.