flowerEven though Entertainment Tonight continues to stand by their story of Angelina Jolie’s twins being born, the general consensus is that her and Brad Pitt are still awaiting their arrival. One thing revealed lately is how badly Jolie wants to give birth naturally. “She prepared for a natural child birth for Shiloh and was very disappointed when her doctors told her she would have to undergo a Cesarean section,” a source close to Angelina tells OK!. “She is praying everything will go her way and she will be able to enjoy a natural birth.” [Read more…]


Al Gore called Barack Obama last night to congratulate him on grabbing the Democratic nomination for president — but there was no talk of any cabinet role, something Gore’s spokesperson Kalee Kreider says he’s not interested in pursuing. According to Kreider, the former VP isn’t even sure when he’ll give Obama his endorsement. Yawn. Enough with the games — can we all just please get behind the nominee and move on? [Read more…]


The reality TV series Big Brother is attempting to green for its 2008 run. The sixteen contestants will be required to grow their own vegetables and season their food from the communal garden. There will also be a large recycle bin in the kitchen. However, compared to the green efforts undertaken by this season’s Real World, these changes amount to a drop in the bucket. Try again next year. [Read more…]


Owen Wilson was spied riding around on a bike through New York City’s West Village yesterday. And no, it has absolutely nothing to do with ex-flame Kate Hudson reportedly being romantically linked to Lance Armstrong… [Read more…]

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  • Kalee Kreider

    Please let me clarify something for the record, your piece seems to indicate the former Vice President Gore and Senator Obama discussed a cabinet role…they did not. You have misquoted an interview that I gave…I simply answered two different questions. Former Vice President Gore did phone Senator Obama to congratulate him yesterday. In response to a completely separate question, I indicated that former VP Gore has long since ruled out serving in any administration.
    Kalee Kreider
    Office of the Hon. Al Gore and Mrs. Tipper Gore

  • http://www.ecorazzi.com michael

    Thank you Kalee — I’ve corrected the error in my interpretation of the article.