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Remember when GM was pushing to create a more eco-friendly Hummer? All that might be moot in the wake of this week’s news that the company was beginning a strategic review of the brand — something many sites alluded to as a sign of the times and a goodbye to large, oil sucking vehicles.

However, even though the Hummer may no longer grace our streets as a symbol of our former cheap-fuel economy, we can still see what might have been its green(er) future in the movies. According to AutoBlog, the flex-fuel HX Hummer concept may have a starring role in the upcoming Transformers 2 movie.

Basically, it’s still a Hummer — but much smaller than any of the current models and able to run on E85 Ethanol. Put it all together, and there’s nothing really revolutionary here — just some light-green modifications.

What is unfortunate, however, is the HX Hummer may be about as green as Transformers 2 gets. We’re not sure why, but the producers have yet to include anything remotely eco-friendly in the vehicles category. This may say something for the current “sex appeal” of these cars — but why not throw a Tesla in?

If it’s good enough for a superhero playboy like Tony Stark — it’s good enough for helping to save the world!

Grab more info over at AutoBlogGreen.

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  • Booo

    Booo. Hummers suck even with a green sticker on the bumper.

  • alban


  • Kat M

    although I DO agree with you in principle, I’m sure it has less to do with sex appeal than crazy over-zealous transformers fans who blog rampantly about EVERY DETAIL of the translation from cartoon to movie. We Greenies shouldn’t take it personally. haha.

  • Jennae Petersen

    I agree with you Kat M. I can think of at least 5 Transformers fans off the top of my head who would pitch an absolute fit if one of the Autobots was a Prius…lol. Not that I don’t think they should consider doing that, but I understand why they haven’t thus far.

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