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There are a myriad of ways we can all get the word out on the dangers of global warming, but scaling the 52-story NY Times Building in Times Square with absolutely no ropes or other safety accessories is not one we recommend. However, if you’re a gifted ‘Spiderman’, such challenges are a walk in the park.

Earlier yesterday, Frenchman Alain Robert (also know as the “French Spiderman”) successfully climbed up the building and unfurled a huge green banner at the top with the words: “Global warming kills more people than 9/11 every week.” Ironically, The Times tower is one of the greenest buildings in Manhattan After stepping safely onto the roof, he was immediately arrested by the waiting NYPD. 

Of course, it didn’t stop there. Another guy from Brooklyn took to climbing the tower hours after Spiderman to draw attention to Malaria. His t-shirt read: “Malaria No More. Save the Children.”

Great causes, idiot stunts. 

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  • no one

    how is that an idiot stunt like you would go that far (or have the talent/ability) for something you believed in. its dangerous for the average person but not for someone who has practiced so what are tightrope walkers idiots to? frankly i think walking on a rope over a canyon or even 3 feet off the ground is much more idiotic. be more open minded stop sounding ignorant

  • Georgi

    While it is a great cause, and it might be a stunt, I would argue if its idiotic. The man obviously has the experience, training and physical abilities to perform this at an appropriate level of safety. Otherwise he would not have survived all that he’s climbed so far.
    Just because it’s is beyond your comprehension doesn’t mean you have to dismiss it.


  • Rehan ul Haq Qureshi

    I mean you may hurt yourself like that
    so be careful, please, will you, with it.
    They must be doing something helpful as far as the “Global warming” is concerned.
    You dont worry that much