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Democratic nominee and all-around superhero Barack Obama took the weekend “off” after a pretty low-key, non-eventful week and enjoyed a bike ride around Lake Michigan on Sunday. With gas prices now creeping ever-faster towards $5/gal, we’re happy to see the democratic contender enjoying a little two-wheel action.

Ball is in your court, Mr. McCain.

AP via Huffington Post

Image Credit: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

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  • Kristen’s Raw

    Boohyah for both Obama and bikes :)

  • Dawn

    He looks like a dork…..this is not a flattering picture….

  • Erin

    i’m putting my full support behind obama.
    mccain? we don’t need four more years of george bush (eight was way too many)

  • jamie lynn

    who cares what he LOOKS like? we spend too much energy on appearances and not enough on issues that matter (like energy, ironically enough…). yay for obama!!

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  • Diana

    Green is great! I’m riding my bike for Barack!