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Moving ever-forward on their quest to recycle every 80s classic television show for the big screen, the entertainment industry has announced the development of films based on The Smurfs and Fraggle Rock. Depending on how this all turns out, it could be either mind-blowingly awesome or simply another smack to your inner-child’s appreciation for these fine franchises. 

For a moment, let’s talk green themes. It’s all the rage — from Val Kilmer battling previously-frozen global warming parasites to a cute animated robot searching for electronic love and the key to removing pollution on planet Earth. Hell, even Cameron Diaz is lobbying for Shrek 4 to go green beyond the ogre! So, there are reasons to believe. Let’s tick ‘em off. 

 The Smurfs live in mushrooms. Some innovative students in the real world have recently created home insulation made from Oyster mushrooms. We think we know where their inspiration came from…

 There’s a smurf called Nat Smurf that can talk to animals and “loves all things to do with nature and the environment.” 

Gargamel and his cat Azrael hates the Smurfs and everything about them — which we assume includes their love for eco-friendly insulation, vegetarian lifestyle, and forest-loving ways. 

According to Wikipedia, Fraggles explore “complex issues of prejudice, spirituality, personal identity, environment, and social conflict.” TOTAL. HIPPIES.

Fraggles live in a natural system of caves and are complete vegans; with a culinary love for radishes.

The Trash Heap, also know as The Oracle (try to keep up), appears to be a giant compost pile. Rockin’!

Ok, I’m going to stop geeking out — but from the above, you can see why both films might embrace some shades of eco-friendly green. Ultimately, I have the most hope for Fraggle Rock, since it’s reported that The Smurfs will be made into some kind of live-action, CGI hybrid — just like Alvin and the Chipmunks. Pass.

One one final note: To the movie industry, please leave Duck Tales and Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers well enough alone. They are sacred. I wouldn’t mind, however, a fully-animated, feature-film Pinky and the Brain. Thanks! 



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  • Jess

    I love Fraggle Rock, don’t forget the lovely Doozers

  • Jennae Petersen

    I’m not embarrassed to say that I am soooo looking forward to both of these! Especially Fraggle Rock. Red was my girl, and though it was tough to really love the trash heap when you’re in elementary school, the compost pile concept makes so much sense now! Now, all we need is a remake of Gem (I loved the Misfits), and we’ll have all the 80s movies we can take.

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  • lindsay

    being a child of the 80s, im not looking forward to either one of these. i saw the trailer for “the smurfs” and it looked soooooo stupid! there was some smurfs on top of a cab flying down the street in new york city! since when were the smurfs in new york city? they live in little mushroom houses in the forest! anyways, i started collecting boxsets of all my favorite shows from when i was a kid and i have the smurfs AND fraggle rock, along with rainbow brite, small wonder, jem (and NO, they should NOT make a jem movie) and josie and the pussycats. (i didnt grow up on josie and the pussycats but its in my collection because its still a cute vintage cartoon)so i can watch the REAL shows whenever i want to. i always said that the 80s had BY FAR the cutest cartoons/ tv shows and the fact that hollywood keeps remaking stuff from that era proves my point! and not only do they remake the cartoons, but also the horror movies. i feel very blessed to have been a child in the 80s and seen all these shows when they originally aired and now i own the boxsets. im not interseted in seeing these remakes at all. i have the REAL DEAL.