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You know about charity: water, right? In the past, Ecorazzi has told you all about their huge NYC Gala and how stars like Adrien Grenier and eco-jewelry designer Monique Pean were getting involved. 

Well earlier this week charity: water held an event at Saks Fifth Avenue and invited your friends at Ecorazzi to come play. The evening celebrated charity: water’s work in building freshwater wells in developing nations and providing entire communities with delicious H20. Why Saks? Well Saks has recently partnered with the charity for it’s Mother’s and Father’s Day initiative to help provide clean drinking water in parts of the world that most desperately need it. 

Check this out: Did you know that since August of 2006 charity: water has constuction more than 624 clean water projects in 11 countries that, when fully completed, will provide 250,000 people with clean drinking water? Or that 100 percent of the money raised goes directly to fund freshwater well and sanitation projects? Umm….AMAZING! 

The evening was a success as some of New York’s hottest citizens (seriously, it was like model central) strutted the floor drinking organic cocktails and dishing out dough for future projects. At one end of the party hung a huge puzzle that contained 260 squares, each available to purchase for 20 dollars (which I totally did by the way). When the puzzle was completed, charity: water had raised enough money to provide a well that would supply a community of 400 people with clean drinking water. 

Clean water is something that most of us take for granted and it’s amazing to learn how just a small donation can make a big difference. Find out how much change your change can make at

Photo credit: Andrew Ford