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idealbiteBack in August of last year, Discovery picked up for between $10-$15 million. Now — with news spreading that “green tips” site IdealBite has been acquired by Disney for $15 million — that deal is starting to look like a bargain. 

According to PaidContent, the buyout was completed a few months ago. As the article states, the site was founded in 2005 by Heather Stephenson and Jennifer Boulden, dedicated to “making lives a little greener through simple and practical ‘bite’-size tips”.

We’re happy to see IdealBite get scooped — that’s lots of hard work paid off! Stay tuned to see what, if anything, Disney has in store for the site. 


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  • Waylon Lewis

    Mission-driven or bottomline-beholden? It’ll be interesting to see what, if any effect the purchase has on

  • Jennae @ Green Your Decor

    I really hope it doesn’t have a negative effect. Ideal Bite’s tips are really great, and I’d hate to see them suffer the fate of other grassroots projects that have gone corporate.

  • Kristen’s Raw

    Good for them! I really enjoy IdealBite :)

  • shannon

    ugh…i’m happy for the founders making a mint; indeed, hard work has literally paid off. however, i, too, love ideal bite and echo what Waylon and Jennae have said (above).

  • Sunrix

    Wachovia meets Green Op’s, Babcock/Brown on Celsias, Planet Green TV hot for the other GreenTV.
    Ideal bite is just a taste.

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