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We first discovered Bollywood actor John Abraham about a week ago when he was honored as an ‘Eco Warrior’ by the Earth Matters Foundation. Now, we’re starting to catch wind of a whole bunch of great projects and initiatives he supports. 

The latest is this new documentary he’s producing called Return of the Tigers. It should actually probably be called Ruin of the Tigers, because the synopsis doesn’t paint a happy ending. 

“The story of the film will revolve around four tigers and the problems faced by them such as the scarcity of preys, the repercussions of tourism and human plundering in animal habitat.”

If it’s anything like Discovery Channel, they’ll all be dead in the end. You know, just like the meerkats they get you attached to and then with stunned horror you watch them all get picked off one-by-one by eagles and wild dogs. Bastards. 

The doc is still on the scripting floor, but expect wildlife filmmaker and environmentalistMike Pandey to direct. Let’s hope there are still some lions around to participate when it comes time to shoot. 

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  • Abhilasha parekar

    Great News!!
    Happy to know that indian film industry has people with real heart…also to know that a person of john abraham’s strature is concerned enough to actually produce a film..
    I had the opporunity to see many of Mike Pandey’s films when I was in India and the UK and also when i was working as an animal welfare worker in europe.
    Mike pandeys films, from what i have seen so far and the effect they have had in making a difference and animal welfare …if anything, are not gloom and doom or fantasy drama..they are hard hitting films that tell the truth and always end up with solutions and on a positive note.they have made a difference and even changed laws to protect wildlife…dogs vultures
    i wish him all the luck and strength in this much needed real film on the status and cisis the tiger faces.
    all the best to John Abraham and Mike Pandey !

  • mutiso marendana

    I am very happy mike pandey is moving into the mainstream cinema.
    Tigers need to be protected.
    i hope the film can explain to common people why we need tigers when the world in dying.
    We have to live in hope.Hope is what we need to survive otherwise it is all finished.
    Mike pandeys films are hard hitting and speak the truth.They are not the gloom and doom i watch earth matters show created by mike pandey.they all have solutions that can turn the tide and make a difference.
    we need a solid positive film mike!!
    please help save the tiger-we need them!!

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