flowerActress Rachel Bilson does not just help herself to any plants she sees in the wild. She asks permission first. According to a recent interview, her mother taught her to ask a flower’s permission before picking it. ‘I still do,’ Rachel tells The Metro. ‘I try to be as green as I can. Little things count, like recycling and driving my hybrid car.’ [Read more…]

The Vegan Vixens continue their climb in fame with television appearances on June 16th on Planet Green at 7pm onThe G Word and June 17th on FX’s 30 Days at 10pm. Yummy! 

fowerPETA has published a list of ‘The Top 10 Movies That Make You Go Meatless”. Super Size Me and Babe are definitely on there but Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle is suspiciously absent. [Read more…]

flowerSpanish real estate developers are hilariously suing Greenpeace because of a photo book released by the Spain division showing what what may become of country’s resort communities and seaside parks in 2100 due to climate change. They claim that their property values have dropped 50% in the 6 months following the release of the Photoclima and are seeking $45 million in damages. Good luck with that. [Read more…]

flowerOur own Sarah Shewey (who founded and operates Pink Cloud Events) will be appearing on two episodes of Adrian Grenier’s Alter Eco program for Planet Green. In the episodes, Shewey will introduce the “green entourage” to activist artists and her efforts to made a photo shoot for Spanish Vogue more sustainable. Congrats, Sarah! [Read more…]

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