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I mean really? I mean REALLY? Ya’ll just know PETA’s gonna spit when they see this!

Jessica Simpson was photographed Friday at the LAX airport proudly sporting a “Real Girls Eat Meat” t-shirt. GROSS!!! Now I’m all for having your own opinions, but if you’re a celebrity you know your junk is gonna be photographed, and what better way to turn an entire community against you then to wear a shirt like that.

So listen up all you kick-ass vegetarian celebrities who read this blog — it’s time for action. Stop over to or and get yourself some deliciously outspoken vegan garb to be photographed in. The first celeb we see sporting a pro-vegetarian shirt will get a special Ecorazzi salute and I will personally write an article detailing your essential badassness! It’s time to fight fire with fire!

And Jessica let’s face it — the career ain’t doing so well. Do you REALLY think you can afford to jeopardize your fan base even just a little?


[UPDATE] In terms of t-shirts, Heather Graham’s beau knows where it’s at!

  • ash

    That girl has zero brain activity and wouldn’t hunt her own food in a zillion years. You really think she would research how meat is processed?

  • parrish

    Ash- It wasn’t so much that I thought she was smart enough to research factory farming, but I did think she would understand the possible backlash her shirt might have from a public relations point of view.

    In the U.S alone there are 7.3 million people who call themselves vegetarian. 7.3 million may not sound like a lot, but consider that also in the U.S there are roughly only 3.9 million Jews, 1.5 million Islamics, 1.5 million Buddhists, 1.4 million Agnostics, 77,000 Scientologists, and 56,000 Taoists. That means that there are more vegetarians in the United States then members of all those religions combined. Essentially, Jessica is doing the same damage (number-wise) as if her shirt said “Real Girls Believe In Jesus.”

    I just thought she was smart enough to realize that wearing a shirt like that wasn’t going to attract any new friends. But you’re right — I guess I gave her a little too much credit.

  • Harley

    look here yall who gives a shit if she wore a shirt saying ” Real Girls Eat Meat”
    yall folks take things way to far. How immature.

  • Liz

    Well, I say that isn’t true. But real women do not eat meat.

  • erin

    Not sure if Harley is serious or being facetious and making fun of uneducated red necks who would say something like that. I think it’s the latter ;)

    Anyhoo, Ms Simpson does not appear to have much “real” about her including what holds up the nasty t shirt she wears. I feel sorry for her and think she needs to take her and her buck teeth somewhere far far away from here.

  • michael

    Hilariously bad. Who the hell wakes up a decides to wear that shirt?

  • Lindsay

    This is nothing more than a jab at Carrie Underwood, who is a vegetarian. She is so jealous of Carrie and insecure in her relationship with Romo, that she feels she has to do this to get attention.

  • Scott

    Yes, that’s a silly t-shirt alright, and there’s not exactly a lot of insight or depth expressed by someone wearing it. I mean, what is she, in grade school?

    But the shirt does raise some interesting questions of its own. Just who are these “real girls” who presumably became “real” by eating meat? And why are girls who don’t eat meat “not real”? Just whose reality is it, anyway?

    I think these are important questions, and we should encourage Jessica Simpson to address them at length before we make any snap judgments about her thought or intent.

    Perhaps by “real” she means – in the existential sense – being an actor in the world. Under that definition what makes a person real is to become influential or affect change in some way. Dominating other beings – consuming their flesh without a second thought – could be considered a righteous act of self-expression, a way of taking the existential reins, if you will, of affecting others, of making a mark on the world.

    Or perhaps by “real” she means, having a material existence. Thus, the more space you take up, and the more mass you have, the more “real” you are. Eating meat and other fatty animal products is one way that girls can get more “real” by bulking up their material bodies.

    All my speculation only confuses the issue. Clearly, we need to hear from Jessica to get to the bottom of this scintillating mystery.

  • Kara

    Oh please. People get a life. Why must everybody be politically correct. Last I checked, it’s still a free country. And PETA & those bat-crazt environmentalist is one of the problems that’s causing the government to not drill our own oil. Anyone up for a $5.00 per gallon gas? Yeah, be politically correct alright.

  • CanCan

    I feel more like a “real girl” because I gave birth without an epidural! Hoo-Ahhh!
    Go Veg!

  • erin

    Hi kara,

    Let me guess you drive an SUV. Gas has cost that much in many countries in Europe for ages… And they drive smaller cars (on a whole) and don’t bitch about gas prices. The planet is too dirty anyway. Get a bike get rid of the gas guzzler. Not eating meat not only helps people get healthier and lose weight but perhaps we wouldn’t be having these salmonella problems with the tomatoes if we didn’t have run off from animal farming causing the problem to begin with.

  • Mel

    That is very harsh of her to wear a shirt like that. Doesn’t she know that some people CAN’T eat meat for health reasons? There are a large number of people in that boat, and I think that every one of them should write to her publisit and tell him/her to sign Jessica for some sensitivity lessons. I didn’t know one could be so inappropriate.

    As for being a vegetarian, eating meat should be a body choice. I was a vegetarian. I did it properly. Talked to my doctor and nutritionists about it.

    About 6 months later, I was sick and I didn’t understand why. I felt so horrible. I told my nutritionist and we reviewed what I was eating. After taking it all in, she said, “you know, there are a large number of people in the world who simply must eat some animal protein at least once a day. I know you have moral objections, but you are going to have many more health issues down the road if you keep this up. I’m sorry.” So I started to add animal protien in little by little. I have found that I must eat 2 6oz servings of animal protien a day. And not just eggs and dairy either. The eggs and dairy two times a day wouldn’t cut it for some reason. One of them has to be meat :’-(
    So that’s my take on it.

    If your body supports it, the go for it! Everyone eats WAY too much meat. Jessica needs a wake up call!

  • Sagan

    We Evolved \ were Created as meat eaters it is true. Meat is one of many possible sources of Protein. We have all see Celebs go too far or not far enough in their views. better an honest statement that may offend a few than a statement meant to garner favor with the masses and no commitment behind it.

  • jamie lynn

    i’m all for not wearing your beliefs–of any kind–on your shirt, or your bumper, or wherever else. why is it so necessary for people to force their opinions into the limelight? EVERYONE has opinions. no single person’s is more validated than the next. when we get caught up debating who is right or drag other (ridiculously unrelated) issues into it, we are just fueling the quagmire. mutual acceptance is the path to peace.

    …but for the record, i’m a girl, i eat meat (sometimes), and i still think that shirt is whack.

  • Carey

    She’s just trying to irritate Carrie Underwood who is a vegetarian. Jessica has the mentality of 5TH grader. She is a jealous of Carrie who is prettier, and sings incredible. Unlike Jessica who looks and sounds like she is convulsing when she opens her mouth. Poor Jessica, I didn’t know it was possible, but she just made herself look even more like a fool. It is only a matter of time before Romo dumps her sorry arse (if he hasn’t already) and begs Carrie to take him back.

  • Michelle

    I’m a vegetarian and I’m not offended. I really couldn’t care less what that skank eats or wears across her fake boobs!

  • dale

    what a bunch of ignorant outrage! fools unite!

    obviously its a tshirt about her blowjob ability you idiots

  • Willard Scott

    Give me a break.Are you really moronic enough to believe that Jessica Simpson’s fanbase gives a rat’s ass if she eats meat?

    The lack of protein from not eating meat is really fucking you up.

  • Alex

    There’s only one kinda meat real girls should eat – your man’s! Animal flesh susks

  • Ravon27

    I think she was just trying to be sexually funny and it has nothing to do with being a carnivore LOL. I am a vegetarian and say to each his own. We can educate, but we can’t force our views down others throats or we will be just like others that do it to vegetarians. Chill and go eat a tomato!

  • Brit Boy

    Hmmmm… Now, when I saw this I instantly thought ‘eating meat’ was a brazen, slightly purile euphamism for oral sex. I think she’s trying to be shocking sure, but not by insulting the quorn quaffers !

  • brent

    get over yourselves, get a life, relax. she wore a t-shirt, it doesn’t mean she was making a political statement. you people are waaaaay too sensitive.

  • whit

    whether you eat meat or not those “rel women…(fill in the blank)” shirts are dumb!

  • Happy Rabbit

    What are the odds that she is not referring to her dietary habits…

  • Mugsy

    Lots of real women eat meat. I know it’s a mentally challenging idea for some of you, but not everyone follows your religion.
    Maybe if you got a little more protein in your diet you’d have the cognitive ability to process that. Ask an omnivore for help if it’s confusing you.

  • Alex D

    Who cares…

    I swear the biggest terrorists or thought Nazi’s are all the vegetarians. Did any of you ever stop to consider that perhaps the T-Shirt is a joke? Perhaps it has pseudo sexual innuendo and isn’t making some in depth political statement?

    Also, for all of you quoting all your research… Go to the nearest mirror and open your mouth… Examine your teeth for a moment. Take a quick gander. That’s all the research you should need to conduct. You aren’t an evolved vegetarian and neither is any other human so quit with your lectures and learn to live with the real world.

    Grow up. Also, for all of you quoting all your research… Go to the nearest mirror and open your mouth.. Examine your teeth for a moment. Take a quick gander. That’s all the research you should need to conduct. You aren’t an evolved vegitarian and neither is any other human so quit with your lectures and learn to live with the real world.

  • Alex D

    bummer got posted one and a half times.. had a weird net error.. Must have been my insta karma for promoting truth

  • parrish

    Hi everybody! Thanks for all your scandalicious comments. For those who are getting a little testy because you think “vegetarians are crazy”, reread my article. I don’t hate women who eat meat (my whole family consists of meat-eaters)! I only said that I thought it was strange she would wear that t-shirt when there are 7.3 million vegetarians in the U.S alone. How did she expect us to react? It just seems silly to isolate yourself from an entire community when your career is already pretty trashed.

  • Chad


    That word is just as lame as the t-shirt you posted about.

  • Jaimelees

    I am going with the “meat” referring to what she ingests of Tony Romo’s. She is not intelligent enough to make a bolder statement than that.

  • Glen

    Sagan said “We Evolved \ were Created as meat eaters it is true.”
    This explains why humans have long, sharp claws and fangs for catching fish and animals, and tearing their flesh, which tastes so very yummy raw, the way God intended us to eat meat. It explains why we have the short digestive systems of other carnivores like wolves and bobcats, with whom we compete for prey.
    Oh wait, we have none of those qualities. We couldn’t event catch a sick lamb if we needed to.
    We were designed to eat fruits, vegetables, bugs and nuts. Agriculture came about because we are inventive. Animal husbandry came about because we are gluttonous.

  • Stephanie

    Oh, Jessica. You’re not going to sell any more albums or crappy Chinese-made merchandise by alienating millions of people and making yourself looking desperate and jealous of your boyfriend’s ex. Slag. (Don’t you just love British slang?)

  • Judith

    I mean,

  • tom

    I think she is referring to eating a “tube steak” as in oral sex.

  • Eric

    I wish that bimbo gets run over by a truck full of cattle headed for the slaughterhouse wearing that disguesting shirt.


  • weavermomo

    How ignorant she is…we must care about our planet. Eating meat causes more greenhouse gases & polution than driving a gas guzzler car or anything else. Being Vegan is what compassionate concerned for the planet people are doing for REAL!

  • Carrie

    Yes, if you’re a vegetarian, you do not have a vagina. It just makes sense.

  • Kim

    This is exactly why everyone else looks down on vegans/vegitarians. Not eating meat isnt healthy for everyone; there are plenty of healthy meat eaters and unhealthy vegans. Her whole POINT of wearing that t shirt was to get people talking and stir up trouble so you kind of just bought into her plan. Maybe if you werent so hungry your brain would function properly.

  • Kristen’s Raw

    With our environment in the situation it is in, I find it irresponsible for her to wear a shirt like that. I doubt it’s meant to mean anything sexual, but who knows? And, the point is that she, unfortunately, is a role model for many young girls, whether we like it or not.

    I’m trying to do many things to help our environment every day, including eating a vegan diet. When someone with her star power does something like that, I’m disappointed.

  • Kristen’s Raw
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  • Stephanie

    I still am amazed that so many “veg” haters and fur lovers read a GREEN blog! It’s amazing…

    Anyway, this girl is a dummy…i could care less.

    Here is a FANTASTIC VEGAN take on that type of shirt :) I <3 it and agree it’s the only meat any one should eat :D

    For those who don’t want to clicky click…it says

    “Hungry for meat? Go eat a d**k. Go Vegan”


  • Real Woman

    Get a life people. It’s a freaking shirt… just a bad sexual innuendo. It makes her a whore, not someone that should be stoned for eating a dead cow or chicken every now and then. I can’t stand Jessica Simpson but you don’t see me crapping my pants over this. You vegan weirdo, animal worshiping PETA freaks need to eat a steak and calm the hell down.

  • Rissa

    Seriously people it’s a t-shirt and just like you wore your choice of shirt today she wore hers whenever this was taken. Honestly I don’t think this woman gives a rat’s behind about Carrie Underwood. Honestly she’s probably talking about all the little stupid girls who eat a sprinkle of lettuce and five grapes and claim they’re full

  • Jeremy

    YOu PETA freaks need to get a life. News flash … people have k-9’s, just like dogs and other meat eaters. Human were made to eat meat. I personally like mine rare and bloody. YUM!!!!

  • matt

    I know the pain of the vegetarian. I used to be offended by the Oakland Raiders T-Shirt “real men wear black”. I like blue.

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  • Deb

    Okay, to all you people that say we were MADE to eat meat, uh, no we weren’t. If anything, we adapted to it.

    Jeremy, yes we do have “k-9’s” like dogs do, but have you ever compared them? Ours are ridiculously dull, and the canines of a dog are sharp and made for tearing flesh.

    We get sick if we eat raw meat, we have soft skin, our nails are dull, we’re really slow, and there’s tons of other examples.

    If you decide to ever try and hunt down and animal (without the use of anything man-made), I’d love to know how successful you are.

  • KH

    Now we know why her ass is so much fatter than Carrie Underwoods…

  • Gina Smith

    I think this is ABSURD! C’mon PETA, it’s funny! Geez…

    FYI, here’s the shirt:
    Real Girls Eat Meat.

  • matt

    I think all you vegetarians are jealous because Ms Simpson can fill out that shirt better than you can.

  • Plus Minus Zero

    For those who object to the idea of real girls eating meat, Real Girls Eat Clam. Even some real men.

    PS: With due respect and thanks to futurebabymama.

  • Flanders

    Look – meat in other countries, say New Zealand are not exactly treated as they are in this country, meat is not inherently evil, our fore fathers depended on it to live.

    Get a grip. I happen to know she also wears very PC and earth friendly shirts, I know for a fact. So you know life is full of paradoxes. How do you know she is not being “sarcastic” with that shirt.


  • Melissa

    My God get over yourself! Any of you so offended over her tshirt need to get a grip. Focus on a real issue. What happened to freedom of speech. I think I will buy the same t-shirt just to piss off an overly sensitive vegan.

  • Sophia

    Does it really matter.
    Yes, I am vegan.
    Yes, I am slightly offended by her shirt…I consider myself a ‘real girl.’
    But no, I do not believe it is necessary to post rude, obnoxious and intolerant comments. I think we should let Jessica be. Since she is so dumb, perhaps she didn’t know better?
    Perhaps she was stressed and flustered that morning and didn’t have time to think of the probable chaos that would spring from that shirt?
    Does honestly really matter to you that much?
    She’s a person. She is, therefore, fallible.
    It’s a shirt.
    Chill, and eat a loverly fresh carrot… :)

  • Samatha

    Real women eat REAL food; Women can be sexy and eat something other then celery or tofu, so let Jessica alone…I think a lot of people on here need to really get a life and stop judging others. :) Thanks.

  • mags

    real girls aren’t made of silicone :)

  • buzzcowboy

    Not surprisingly, we at CafePress have seen some creative answers to this t-shirt:


  • Erika


  • Groovy Vegetarian Missy

    “Animal husbandry came about because we are gluttonous”.

    Love your quote above Glenn. Nice! I wonder why the folks at my blog completely misunderstood the tee statement. They got a bit R rated over there.

    Fact is, it was a dumb move by Jessica to wear that tshirt. But no doubt she got what she wanted, which is to have all of us talking about it.

    CraZy Biatch!

  • Ashley B.

    C’mon now Jessica…. When you think she could not be any more stupid than she’s proved–you see something like this. She has to know she is going to get attacked by this… Its a cute stunt by an insecure girl who is upset because her Boyfriends Last girlfriend–self proclaimed vegetarian Carrie Underwood–is more popular and people think is hotter.

    Maybe she should realize that REAL GIRLS don’t fake stupid to get ratings on a Newlywed Show that was doomed from the start because the girl couldn’t attempt to make her marriage work.

    C’mon Jessica grow up you’re in your 20’s not your teens… You’re going to lose a LOT of fans over this….

  • amy harrison

    Real girls do eat meat! It’s just a shirt get over it.

  • LaQuesha

    I am a vegetarian, really…but I have to say that I think everyone needs to chill. Being different means that you’re special & others don’t understand it. It’s the way of the world, those who don’t understand criticize. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and because of the founding fathers anyone can choose to say it or not.

    Though I don’t think differently of her because I never did in the first place, I feel like it’s honestly not that big of a deal. So she doesn’t seem that smart, but she makes more money than half of the people that post on these blogs. She had to have some sort of talent in order to get where she is, so you all should just leave it alone.

  • Not A vegetarian

    I’m a girl, also a meat eater and I respect each person’s free will, to wear or eat what they please. If being like the rest of you was what I wanted, that would also be up to me!

    People are gonna get what ever they want. Your choice is your right, my choice is mine.

    Jessica and many others have been seen going into / comming out of, steak houses, mexican & sea food restaurants, so many times. How is that camera footage any different than the message on her shirt? We may be in their ordering the meat that we want, but many of us are getting our veggies & salads too! Mixing it up, works just fine for Jessica, myself, my family and many others.

    People who only chose meat and no greens or fruits to go with it, are the ones with problems.

  • Not A vegetarian

    Jessica has a very good trainer, helping her, so she gets what her body needs and also what she wants.

    The problem for many people is that they want to pack it all in, like I said, with no friuts , veggies etc. But they don’t want to work out.

    The balance can work for people if they make the effort.

    Samatha said “leave Jess (and all the other meat eaters) alone!” I agree.

    And Mags- making comments about real women not haveing silicone, Jessica doesn’t, everyone knows that her boobs are real so….? What ever she might have injected into her lips before, we don’t have any REAL PROOF that she still does it.

    Some women use high heels-knowing that their not that tall.

    Women use hair extentions & hair die.

    Some use push-up bra’s & padding knowing that their boobs don’t sit-up like that.

    Hell some of you might even be guilty of some of these things your-selves.


    We aren’t born into the world with clothes on our backs & shoes on our feet. But for those of us who can get them, your still real, and your gonna do it!

    So your clothes are made with natural materials. Still we didn’t come into the world that way. We all chose to be real / unreal to what ever digree is pleasing to us.

  • Sarah-ann

    Why is it that vegetarians can proudly wear t-shirts and logos promoting their vegetarian lifestyle, but when someone does the same for eating meat people go mental?
    A bit biased don’t you think?

    I eat meat and i’m proud of it, i say GO JESSICA! I’m definitely buying myself one of those t-shirts ;)

  • gina

    Jess..I love you girl..

    Hell yea lets go out for a Nice steak dinner and Some Veggies… LOL

    I eat meat everyday…So what…
    She wore this shirt b/c The day b4 Carrie U. wore the same thing except hers said Real girls are Vegetarians or something stupid..

    Hey don’t start no shit…Won’t be no shit!

  • Helena

    She doesn’t even know whether tuna is chicken or fish, so I don’t really value her opinion anyway.

    On a side note–“real” women have real noses.

    I thought she was cuter before.

  • Winston

    F**K you whiny vegetarians!!!

  • s.e.m

    i’m pretty sure her boobs are real. just because someone has a nice body doesnt mean it’s fake.

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  • Nik

    Sick. Jessica Simpson is an idiot, and anyone who eats meat is is just as bad as her.

  • veggie

    seriouly, vegans and vegetarians r trying 2 help defense less animals! when someone wears a shirt like this i get really po’ed cuz really no one should promote this-
    IT’S SICK! and for those of u who commented possitively, u r probably fat ugly ppl who dont take the time to research the facts! jessica is fake anyway her lips, boobs, and hair r just an example! she is dumb shit and guess what?! she represts u filthy ppl!

  • Darth Chaos

    Jessica should have exploited her stupidity by earing a “Real Girls Eat Meat Grown From Animals Fed Monsanto Roundup Ready GMO Soybeans”.

    Who gives a shit if somebody’s a vegetarian or a meat eater? I might support PETA if they ever renounce their past association with and past funding from the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. Until then, they will always be Rockefeller whores just like CSPI, National Action Against Obesity, and the Center for Consumer Freedom (funded by Rockefeller’s Monsanto).

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  • Steve Leroy

    Yeap, maybe my meat… Real girls and meat

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  • Yousuckfatbitch

    Lick my anus..

  • HahahaYousuck

    Lick my anus

  • Veggie

    I agree :).. Vegetarian hugs!

  • Lalsjdjsjaoaljs

    Lick my anus since you meat eaters do that to animals :). Thanks ugly bitch

  • Bobbeh

    She's fake and has aids :). You have a one inch penis. Be jealous I'm a vegetation and have a 11 inch penis. Go lick some cow shit :).


    XD you mean you eat bloody aid shit? You fail fucking loser!

  • Jams

    You be a freak

  • Elisabeta ?epe?

    Really? I mean REALLY? Do we have to start a cult-like religion AGAIN? And now by showing silly unimportant celebrities that they CAN’T eat meat in a country where most vegans I know are very liberal and believe in democracy – REALLY? Let everyone do what they want. I am a vegan…not a religious person at all. Fuck this “do as I believe or go to hell in a cardiac hand basket”- bullshit. Is that really going to enlighten anyone about the dangers associated with eating meat?? No. But here’s what it does do: it defeats the purpose. Idiot.

  • Gffjj

    You ugly fat ass ;).. You are gonna die for eating meat.. Haha you suck my nuts. Wait sorry your breath is acid no thanks, I'm not letting you suck me even though you want tl nasty bitch. Meat eaters die and turn into cow shit!