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Jessica Simpson Says "Real Girls Eat Meat"

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I mean really? I mean REALLY? Ya’ll just know PETA’s gonna spit when they see this!

Jessica Simpson was photographed Friday at the LAX airport proudly sporting a “Real Girls Eat Meat” t-shirt. GROSS!!! Now I’m all for having your own opinions, but if you’re a celebrity you know your junk is gonna be photographed, and what better way to turn an entire community against you then to wear a shirt like that.

So listen up all you kick-ass vegetarian celebrities who read this blog — it’s time for action. Stop over to cafepress.com or herbivoreclothing.com and get yourself some deliciously outspoken vegan garb to be photographed in. The first celeb we see sporting a pro-vegetarian shirt will get a special Ecorazzi salute and I will personally write an article detailing your essential badassness! It’s time to fight fire with fire!

And Jessica let’s face it — the career ain’t doing so well. Do you REALLY think you can afford to jeopardize your fan base even just a little?

photocredit: justjared.com

[UPDATE] In terms of t-shirts, Heather Graham’s beau knows where it’s at!

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  • Veggie

    I agree :).. Vegetarian hugs!

  • Bobbeh

    She’s fake and has aids :). You have a one inch penis. Be jealous I’m a vegetation and have a 11 inch penis. Go lick some cow shit :).

  • Jams

    You be a freak

  • Jana

    Uhm.. It’s sad you are stupid and eat heart attack food. Ugly fat asa. Meat eaters are ugly like a dirty butthole with gential warts like your face :D.. And if you believen “god” hell put you in a room with his shit

  • Elisa

    Really? I mean REALLY? Do we have to start a cult-like religion AGAIN? And now by showing silly unimportant celebrities that they CAN’T eat meat in a country where most vegans I know are very liberal and believe in democracy – REALLY? Let everyone do what they want. I am a vegan…not a religious person at all. Fuck this “do as I believe or go to hell in a cardiac hand basket”- bullshit. Is that really going to enlighten anyone about the dangers associated with eating meat?? No. But here’s what it does do: it defeats the purpose. Idiot.

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