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Leona Helmsley Just Can't Stop Giving To Charity

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Oh man — this story just keeps getting better!! Ecorazzi previously reported that after Leona Hemsley passed away earlier this year some of her most prized outfits were being donated to raise money for charity, thus making the once dubbed “Queen of Mean” seem a whole lot nicer. Well Leona just keeps giving…whether she wants to our not. 

When Helmsley passed away she left $12 million to her favorite little puppy, Trouble. Now while I consider myself a big time animal rights supporter, I know the difference between loving your pet and LOVING your pet. There’s no way in a bagillion, gazillion years that Trouble is gonna need that much cash. And I’m not the only one that thinks so. 

Helmsley’s grandchildren were totally pissed that Trouble was making bank while they were getting kibbles n’ bits , and so they did what most angry Americans do and went to court. Good thing they did because the judge also agreed and gave each of them $3 million and had $10 million more donated to charity. AWESOME!

Don’t worry, Trouble isn’t going to the poor house. The judge gave the remaining $2 million left in Helmsley’s fortune to the spoiled pooch — a figure Trouble’s caretaker, Carl Lekic, says is fair. He reported that Trouble’s annual expenses are $190,000 a year, which includes guardian fee, security, grooming, food and medical care. Wait!!! WHAT???? $190,000 a year?!!! Please excuse me —  I just threw up a little in my mouth! 

thanks: dlisted.com

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