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With the greening success of last summer’s tour, John Mayer is once more turning to environmental non-profit Reverb to help assist his 2008 concert scene in footprint reduction. Mayer came up with the idea of AKOG (Another Kind Of Green) as the official brand for his tours. Basically, he believes that “that small steps toward environmental sustainability can effect widespread change when multiplied by a great number of participants.” We couldn’t agree more. 

So, with sponsorship by Blackberry, Reverb will be using B20 biodiesel for all of John’s buses, selling eco-friendly merchandise, initiating waste reduction and recycling backstage, and sourcing sustainable and biodegradable supplies — along with organic food — from local businesses. Additionally, a giant “eco-village” of sorts will be setup outside the concert venues to gather local and national non-profit groups to educate and engage fans on environmental issues. 

And it doesn’t stop there: Organic beverage company Honest Tea is hooking up with Mayer to give away a VIP concert experience to some lucky fans. By entering over at their website, you’ll receive two “top-tier” tickets to both the concert and a sound check — as well as car service (within 50 miles) and some other goodies. 

Check out Mayer’s greening efforts over at the official Reverb site. 

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  • ashley

    seriously, it’s time to stop praising John mayer when it comes to greenness. He’s not worthy of it! The guy is 100% all talk. He drives a gigantic mercedes SUV, and just last week, had dinner at LA’s “best” steak house. You can’t get any LESS green than those two things!!!

  • Jake

    You must be joking!Hey Ashley how about the trip he just took with Aniston on a private jet. He should just shut up already with his phony stunt life. I don’t want to hear about nothing this pig do. He is all fake.

  • Kate

    A private Jet, running everywhere now talking about being green. He is a phony jerk. He and his phony old chick have a big SUV. I know what you can do Mayer cancel all of your tours. No one wants to hear your phony music. I hope all your concert chairs are empty.

  • Lily

    At least John is trying to do something to help the environment. Maybe you should recycle or something. It may improve your karma.

  • Judy

    You mean writers better shut up. You know he is good. So what about Brangelina trying to help the poor but lavishly jetting all over the world and making an unstable place for all those children who do not even know the meaning of home.

  • nic o’reilly

    We all know that these mega-stars don’t live ‘normal’ lives like the rest of us. Their carbon footprint from air travel alone would probably be 100 times that of an ‘average’ person.

    I agree that if celebrities want to ‘talk the talk’ as far the environment goes then they should be prepared to make a concerted effort to ‘walk the walk’ or otherwise cop the criticism on the chin.

    They don’t all have to go vegan and drive electric or hybrid cars, but cutting back on chartering private jets would certainly be a start…

  • Libertarian 12

    Ok, how can you jump all over this guy and then give Al Gore a pass?