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Oh man did I not call this? DID I NOT FRIGIN CALL THIS PEOPLE?!! On Saturday Ecorazzi told you that Jessica Simpson was seen at the LAX airport wearing a shirt that read “Real Girls Eat Meat.” In the post I predicted that “you just know PETA’s gonna spit when they see this.” Well PETA is spitting alright…spitting a whole bunch of plant-based venom. 

PETA released a statement saying: “Jessica Simpson’s meaty wardrobe malfunction makes us thankful that no one is looking to her for food advice. Chicken of the sea anyone? The woman who thought that Buffalo ‘Wings’ came from buffalos would benefit from some good veggie brain food.” Ouch!

Some of our readers suspect that Jessica wore the shirt to piss off Tony Romo’s ex-girlfriend…also known as Carrie Underwood. Carrie is famous for her vegetarian lifestyle and once said: “If you told me I could never sing again, I’d say that was horrible, but it’s not my life. If you told me I could never be around animals again, I would just die.”

Everybody knows that PETA is a PR powerhouse and Lord knows I wouldn’t want to be on their bad side. So good luck Jessica! You can’t say we didn’t warn you!!

  • chutneycarnival

    ugh. peta needs to relax. where is her freedom to where what she wants to wear? wear you shirt loud and proud, jessica.

  • celebaddict

    Talk about blowing things completely out of proportion, why should Jessica defend her choice of clothing?

    Maybe PETA should get a grip and a little perspective. Crikey!

  • Deanna

    Sorry, but PETA THINKS they are a PR powerhouse. Most normal people don’t respect them at all. This will probably gain the girl fans if nothing else.

  • girlygirl

    You guys are crazy- this has nothing to do with Carrie Underwood or PETA! The tee is from a hot NYC restaurant- Primehouse…she probably likes the restaurant and got one as a souvenier!

  • alex

    I absolutely respect PETA and living in Hollywood and working in the industry, I know that many others do as well. This is a great example of Jessica flaunting her ignorance once again. It’s an offensive shirt and she should have thought about the effect it would have before she wore it. Although, it is Jessica so I’m not even sure she could read what the shirt says. She probably thought it said, “I like kitty cats.”

  • Cindy

    Maybe PETA should STFU and let her wear what she wants. My cousin has a shirt exactly like that, that she got from Primehouse in New York City. If anybody else wore that shirt nobody would care. Just because she is one out of the billions of people who eat meat, they are going to pounce on her? F Peta.

  • mikayla

    jessica’s an idiot…if you love meat good if you love animals good too she deserves the ridicule honestly this girl is brain dead what does romo see in her…she wants to be a country star?? jessica is a joke no one takes her serious at all you have to have class to be in country and respected jessica is no carrie thats 4 sure i know she is aching to be but com’on she’ll never eet inducted in the grand ole ipry are you kidding me she might do better maybe in this world then pop she may give kelly pickler some heat or julianee hough,but carrie and taylor and others are too good for her she sucks BIG time!! i think jessica was taking a jab at carrie because she’s jealous of her her success her beauty her intelligence oh yeah she still talks to romo!! haha so jessica if thats what you have to do to take jabs at carrie with immature slogans you do that we’ll leave it up to carrie to win those awards that you wont be getting “ouch” that hurts more !! jessica is such a immature catty ignorant girl…

  • Tabitha

    I’m not offended, Alex. I personally like protein. It tends to do my body good.

    On the same day, a man threw a sack of kittens into traffic. Three of the four kittens died because they were run over by oncoming traffic. Does PETA report this? No. They’d rather point out that someone wore a shirt with the word “meat on it.”

  • mikayla

    oops i mis-spelled some stuff go ahead jessica lovers talk s@#$ on how i cant spell i can spell just wrote to fast about that dumass

    i love carrie she rocks!!

  • Carey

    “DID YOU CALL IT”….a MUTE could have called it.
    PETA has just as much right to say what they think about the shirt as Jessica has to wear it.
    Jessica, Jessica. With you fan base going down the drain, was this very smart? Oh, wait, I forgot who I was talking to…

  • Dannielle

    PETA is too busy hounding the world for money to harass and stalk anyone who doesn’t follow their Messiah to care about real world problems…they are also too busy KILLING 97% OF THE ANIMALS THEY TAKE IN!

    they provided the numbers THEMSELVES as required by law to the state – so BUSTED!

    hey PETA- stop whoring yourselves out and actually try to help a real animal in need. use your influence and millions in donations to do the right thing.

    Jessica, you ROCK!

  • claudia marrapodi

    i just want to add that everybody who eats meat has to know that this means a cruel death for an animal! i’m a vegetarian for more than 35 years now and for me no living being has to die! for this i love PETA and Carrie Underwood!

  • claire stokoe

    Dont you get it Dannielle and the rest of you self obsessed morons. PETA bring attention to this, as celebrities are like the meccas for teens, even if they are brain dead.

    Just for all your info:

    You dont need meat for protein
    The meat trade is causing global warming (via transport and shipping) & famine
    Animals are slaughtered in cruel ways that you wouldnt wish on your worst enemy


  • Lisa

    PETA needs to realize who they are dealing with — “eats meat” is a euphemism for the act of performing oral sex on a male.

    Makes perfect sense — tacky though it may be…

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  • Sophia

    Yes. PETA kills animals. It is necessary. Contemplate the massive quantities they receive. Now, focus on the amount of money it would require to feed, house, vet, and care for those animals.
    Copious amounts of money for a plethora of animals they take in.
    Now, lets compare that to animal shelters. You know, the places we send our pets when we no longer want them or can no longer care for them, and are unable to find a home for them. How many animals do they kill?

    What was your point, again, Dannielle?

    I just thought I’d put that out there. The fact that EVERYONE (even vegans) have blood on their hands. We are all human, and therefore imperfect.

  • Carnie Vore

    Eating sustainable grown meat is about the best thing you can do for this earth.

    Love it!!!!! I just found the shirt on cafepress-

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  • Peta Lover!

    Ha! That bitch!!

  • Gordon Trotsky

    I get the feeling that Simpson’s t-shirt is a sexual innuendo joke,
    not anything seriously suggesting murdering animals for food.

    I always go out wearing my Peta “Meat Is Murder” button.
    I feel naked without it!

  • Mike

    Anytime the liberals disagree with someone, they call them an “idiot”. PETA is a far-left group, so of course they don’t like the somewhat conservative Jessica Simpson. She’s no smarter/dumber than they are. What happened to “FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION” in America? Can’t she wear the shirt she wants? Isn’t it obvious to everyone that PETA is starving for media attention?