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Last year Ecorazzi showed you some “hot” green gear Selena Gomez was photographed in. Now it looks like she’s back in the news again with more eco-fashion. We hope that’s organic cotton, Selena!!


10 Responses to The Green Picture: Selena Gomez Shows Off More Green Gear

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  2. mandy says:

    i LOVE the jeans shes wearing in this picture,
    they are so casual and look SO good.
    anybody know where i could get them?
    do you know hat brand they are?
    tahnks so muchhh!

  3. Amra says:

    hey this picture is cute i love th shirt!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mylea says:

    i am selena gomez’s BIGGEST fan EVER!!!!!!!!!!i love her, and her fassion sense is the best in this whole entire world!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Demi Cayti says:

    i am such a global warming freak! where did she get that outfit?

  6. Cali says:

    i loveeeee those jeans!
    pleasssee where are they from?!

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  8. kim says:

    the jeans look like they are from hollister,abercrombi or american eagle. i’m sure that you could find some very alike to those in one of these stores!

  9. Leana says:

    I <3 the shirt!! From which label is it?



  10. sara says:

    it’s all beautifull!!!

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