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Wow. Little did we know how massive this whole “Real Girls Eat Meat” t-shirt would become. Last weekend, we posted the image of Jessica Simpson flashing the slogan and commented on how one might interpret it as a dig on vegetarians. Others noted the sexual innuendos potentially associated. Either way, there was a great deal of anger, joy, sadness, and debate. 

With PETA opening its guns on the topic, the story received even more press. Finally, Bill O’Reilly chimed in on the matter, calling Simpson a “patriot” for standing up to totalitarianism. Yes, a patriot. And yes, PETA has taken over the government.




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  • parrish

    I just threw up a little bit. Nope…wait…I just threw up a whole lot!!

  • AdamMackWright

    Relying on a talentless, over-inflated star-f*cker with an ironic t-shirt for dietary advice or environmental commentary is like relying on Bill O’Reilly for news…

    The two belong together.

  • Jennifer

    I heard in celebrity gossip that her t-shirt was a jab at a particular dedicated vegetarian, her b.f.’s ex Carrie Underwood. This makes her even more of a loser for wearing the shirt and adopting that attitude, in my view.

  • Lin

    Honestly, I took a step back and had to wonder if the whole intent of the shirt to begin with was just to jab at Hollywood women in general. With all the “lose weight fast!” crash diets and celebs getting skinnier by the minute, the shirt might have been a confidence boost to some young women who were feeling downtrodden that they weren’t as skinny as their so-called role models. Bad choice for catch phrase? Definitely. Not so crude intent? I’m hoping.
    Consider, too, all the gossip rags and other assorted celeb media outlets that have given Miss Simpson nothing but hell over the years because of the fact that she’s not a rail. The woman has curves and has never (that I’m aware of) denied it or tried to hide them. Instead, she’s proud of them – which may be her only saving grace in my book.
    Taking into consideration the fact that Carrie Underwood is a vegetarian might be an added bonus for Miss Simpson, but I’m not sure I’d give her that much credit for a dig like that.
    As far as Bill O’Reilley and PETA are concerned, I think that maybe everyone’s getting their hackles raised in a different direction than the shirt was intended.

  • Gina Smith

    Shoot I don’t like O’Reilly but i also think Jess was just trying to get back at Carrie.


  • Mitzie

    Bill O’Reilly makes my skin crawl. I think he might be the devil. Oh no wait that’s Cheney.

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