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Somewhere along the way, actor Edward Norton had a falling out with producers of the new Hulk film and dropped out of any publicity for the movie. Rumors abound that he was unhappy with the final cut of the film — and even though he overhauled a good portion of the original script, the credits give only a nod to Zak Penn. [Update: Commenter Cate, below, provides additional info on the above — and why Norton may be doing publicity after all.]

National Geographic Adventure, however, has managed to score a rare interview with Norton — and he reveals a generous amount of info on the movie, his environmental passions, and his hatred of plastic bags. Here are some highlights:

On The Hulk as an environmental film:

I don’t want to pretend that it is an environmental film. But I wrote the script, and I would definitely say that there are themes embedded in it about the arrogance of believing that we can monkey with very sophisticated natural systems that have evolved over billions of years and that it’s not going to have a certain blowback on us.

On the greening of the production:

We worked with on offsetting some of the carbon footprint of the production and to figure out how to calculate the carbon footprint for a production. We also tried to reduce paper use by doing more electronic paperwork. We made a lot of the film in Toronto, where there are good low-sulfur diesel rules and no idling rules with vehicles. But, in all honesty, as much as I thought we did some good things, we have a long way to go in this industry.

On the idea that people may be getting ‘green fatigue':

I don’t think so. You’re always going to have cynics and people who are extremely apathetic. But ultimately, in the balance, I don’t think things are going in that direction. Things are trending toward much more focus and engagement on these issues.

For the rest of the excellent three page interview, jump on over to National Geographic Adventure here.

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  • Cate

    You guys are usually so good, I can’t believe you’d repeat unfounded lies about Mr. Norton. He DID NOT drop out of publicity for the movie, he’s done many online interviews, he did Jimmy Kimmel and attended the premiere. He will also be a part of the publicity for the Japanese release of The Incredible Hulk. He hardly ever does the talk shows, prefering to let the movies he does speak for themselves, which they do. I can always trust Edward Norton. Please print a retratction and next time, do your own checking.

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  • michael

    Cate — we try our best to do as much fact-checking as possible on stories. But when almost ever news outlet is posting that Norton has dropped out of the publicity circuit for the Hulk, we rather run with it. See what I mean here:

    But, thank you for providing the above information. I’ll make mention in the post of your comments.