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Ecorazzi loves the fact that being green is so damn trendy these days. All across the board we’re seeing celebs (as well as some of pretty awesome “common” folk) set a new standard for eco-living. But of course not EVERYONE is getting on the green train. In fact some famous faces are staying away from it completely. The Chicago Tribune recently posted their top 8 LEAST green celebrities and I bet you won’t believe who’s on the list!!

Counting down…

8. Bill Gates- While this guy does a lot for charity (which we love), it’s estimated that his global impact is 10,000 greater than the average person. WTF?

7. David and Victoria Beckham- We totally called this one! Last year, David flew more than 250,000 miles, is the owner of 15 cars and owns several homes. Add that all together, and he created about 18 times more carbon dioxide than the average person.

6. Madonna- Jeez! We called this one as well! Water bottles aside, in the past year she has created more than 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide!

5. John Travolta- John Travolta owns five planes, including a Boeing 707 complete with multiple dining rooms, and it’s estimated he has an annual carbon footprint that’s about 100 times more than the average person.

Hungry for more? To see the rest of the list scoot on over to The remaining four might surprise you. I’ll give one clue — we DEFINITELY predicted number one!

  • Lin

    I am definitely loving the fact that going green has become so trendy! It’s a great way for the word to get out and for going green to not seem so intimidating. With so many celebs making green lifestyle choices, it makes it so that the rest of us see it and go, “Hey, I can do that, too!” My biggest concern is when the Hollywood set finds something else to focus on. I hope the green trend continues!

  • nashlisa

    Comparing Bill Gates global impact to THE AVERAGE PERSON is like comparing an apple to a pineapple. Please!!! The man and I guess his wife, as she’s always noted along side his name, though I don’t know what money she makes, donates more money than you or most of your readers will make in a lifetime. Sorry, he’s one guy I can’t fault for making any “Green” faux pas”. He owns a HUGE global company, while chairing a few organizations, so of course his footprint is going to be larger than THE AVERAGE PERSON. Yeesh. Think folks. More Bill Gates, please. Make a difference in your own small world….one being don’t buy things made in China, recycle the crap (bottles, cans, paper) you find on the streets of your neighborhood, turn off your lights when not home, donate to more Bill Cate charities. Enjoy your summer.

  • Jaimelee

    I agree about Bill Gates, I wonder what they based his foot print on, I can’t imagine he jet sets THAT much. I kno he has a killer house but… I will say I am completely surprised that the Beckhams were not number one. They reek of excess and consumerism. Isn’t Travolta a pilot and that is why he is so into planes…maybe he will take some notes from car collector Jay Leno and try balance it out.

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  • Allison

    I am “light green” when it comes to the environment but I try to do my best with the money we make. Less plastic, less driving, less electronics, buy organic, you get the picture. With the income we have I try to make better choices. These celebrities make millions of dollars, they can get one of their many assistants to find greener alternatives for them.

  • casey

    Can I just say that it is completley ridiculous that one family would own “15 cars and owns several homes”? Kudos to the Beckhams for getting into the green spirit (or is it just another trend to them?), but I find it repugnant and somewhat hypocritical that they’d hoard so much and live so extravagantly when there are people who don’t even have a shack to live in or a bike to ride.

  • Matt

    A lot of these celebs practice what the people behind the anti green movement preach! They’re at

  • siiix

    LOL i deffinetely anti green, one thing is making sure the air is breathable, but now we are way over board, i will make sure i use as much power as i just possibly can … I’M ANTI-GREEN : )

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  • Common Sense

    It’s good to see these people living normal lives. There is exactly the same amount of water on the earth today as there was at the time of the earth’s creation. We don’t “run out” of water. Chill out and enjoy life.

  • aaron

    Carbon dioxide = tree food. You all don’t like trees?