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Joining musician James Blunt in cruising the streets with an all-electric Mini Cooper is Growing Pains star Alan Thicke. The Emmy and Golden Globe nominee is becoming the new spokesperson for Hybrid Technologies — a firm that develops and markets lithium-powered products worldwide. They’re also responsible for commercializing the process that guts the mini of its conventional engine in favor of the electric kind (which at last read, will set you back a cool $60K). Said Thicke of the relationship,

“As a Baby Boomer Consumer, I’ve been part of the problem so now it’s time to be part of the solution. Hybrid Technologies allows me to cut back on emissions and eliminate fuel costs without sacrificing luxury or performance. I’ve set many examples for my kids – pro and con – but this is definitely one of the better ones. I feel like a smart guy in a smart car!”

Ah, the power of celebrity endorsement. Enjoy the free wheels and zero trips to the pump, Alan!

via Green Daily

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  • wonderboy

    is there a catalog somewhere offering celebrities as eco-spokespeople?

  • Solar John

    Hey BMW,
    I double-dog-dare you to sell or lease me an electric mini. Unlike SO CAL, I live in the Midwestern USA where we have a huge range of weather extremes. And unlike some celebrities, I would be an excellent choice as a beta tester. I’m also into solar PV, and I would be charging the car as much as possible with my off-grid pv system. I write about my experiences on my blog, and I accept no money from auto or oil interests. My reporting is unbiased and fair. Let’s get serious about cutting our dependence on oil. I am, are you?