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Ecorazzi loves us some Russell Simmons!! Last month I had the chance to chat with Russell at the Farm Sanctuary Gala where he spoke on the importance of spreading awareness about the abuse that occurs in the food animal industry. Well Russell and I only had a few minutes, but last week he appeared on CNN to talk more about his thoughts on politics, the environment and veganism. 

In response to why he chose a vegan diet, Russell said: Well just to cause less harm. And one of things that we DO know, and the UN reports, that a vegan diet is…or the consumption of animals causes more harm to the environment than all the forms of transportation put together. Since we’re talking about the environment that’s one thing. And of course I don’t think when they said dominion over the animals they meant the abuse of 10 billion farm animals every year, which is what we do here in America. So It’s just a nice statement. I feel better. My friends report to me over the last 15 years I look better. You know, so it’s a big change for me. You’re more clarity. And I think that all of us want to be more clear, want to look younger, want to feel better and want to be a greater contributer to good on the planet. 

To hear more from Russell on veganism, environmentalism and why he’s backing Obama, visit and watch the interview. Or hell, skip the interview and just get his book

  • ash

    Russell, Why does Kimora continue to wear and use fur in her clothing line? I love watching her show, but as soon as fur comes on the screen I’ll change the channel.

  • Groovy Vegetarian Missy

    I didn’t know Russell was vegan. I love how he is talking about it, as he does have a lot of fans.

    I see i need to brush up on my vegan celeb research.