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A couple weeks ago, we were having a discussion here about whether or not Vegans or Vegetarians applied the same eating principles to their animals. If so, we were also curious to know how. Well apparently, actress Alicia Silverstone has found just the right recipe and claims her dogs are much better off because of it — especially when it comes to flatulence.

She told UK TV talk show host Graham Norton: “I really care about animals, there’s so much unnecessary suffering going on. All four of my dogs are vegan, they don’t fart anymore! I eat delicious food but without cruelty.”

Silverstone also opened up on her decision to strip down for her sexy PETA ad last fall saying, “It was scary but I knew I really wanted to make this message appealing.”

So, has anyone else taken the vegan/vegetarian route with their animals?

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  • Rose

    I’m a committed ethical vegan, and I’d love it if my cats could go vegan. However, cats are true carnivores, and it’s extremely difficult for them to eat vegan diets without specific supplementation (e.g., taurine) so that they thrive and don’t succumb to urinary tract infections and other illnesses. I don’t know anyone (and I have a lot of dedicated vegan friends) who feeds their cats a vegan diet (or continues to after trying it), though if it were healthy for them, we all would! That said, dogs can very easily eat vegan and be healthy, happy and less gassy. Kudos to Alicia for helping her dogs do the right thing!

  • Brookie

    I have cats and would never take meat from their diets but I’d do it with a dog, absolutely.

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  • Brandi

    Hmm… I have read this debate many times. We feed our dog a ‘whole’ natural (expensive, ha) food. To be blunt though, he does fart… a lot.. and it smells awful. So, perhaps we should think about a vegan diet. I will have to do a little more research.

    In other related comments.. I love Alicia.. she’s awesome.. And so pretty!

  • kerry

    I asked my vet about that, and he gave me the same reply everyone here is saying about cats…. that dog’s NEED meat, it’s in their genetic makeup to eat meat and that it would not be good for the dogs to go veg or vegan….. I’ll need to do more research on this now, since I took his word for law…… if only for the gas…… oy!

  • Claire

    We’ve been feeding our dogs vegan dog food for a few years now. They’re both very healthy. I think they still fart occasionally though….

  • Liz

    Dogs and cats do need an amount of meat in their diets. I feed my coon cat an organic cat food and would do the same if I had a dog.

  • Nicole

    I feed my dogs “Natural Life” Vegetarian Forumal sold in both the states and Canada. They have been on it for about a year and everything is great! It says on the packaging that it is suitable for all dogs unless it is a puppy or a pregnant or nursing mother.

  • kris

    i would LOVE to feed my dog an all vegan diet. where can i find recipes and tips? i feed him fruits and veggies all the time already – and he loves them. why not do it all the way…

  • Christy

    My friends have vegetarian cats (not vegan). One has been veg for 5 years and he is doing awesome.

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  • Lincoln

    Kudos to Alicia, not only for her stance on vegetarian feeding of animals, but her forthright decision to keep her animals away from all of the chemical laden commercial foods.

    She has done much to help guardians realize that they must make better choices about feeding their animal companions. The amount of cancer, kidney disease and allergies in our animal population is unforgivable.

    And most of it can be avoided by feeding untainted natural food. Her choice to use Dr. Harvey’s is a great one.
    I applaud her brave stance on feeding only healthy food to our animals and to teaching others the way to find healthy choices for their own pets.