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We’re still not completely convinced that someone, somewhere isn’t considering floating a Captain Planet movie. In our continued efforts to beat this topic to death, we’ve uncovered additional information that as recently as 1997 (Actually, you know you’re getting old when that feels recent) a movie script based on the TV series was created by writer Michael Reaves. Titled Dark Planet, Reeves reimagined the series and took it “a good 180 degrees in a different direction.”

“It was quite dark, set in a post-apocalyptic future,” he said in an interview. “I think it was one of my better efforts. Everyone seemed to like it, but it got lost in the shuffle when Turner and Warner Bros. merged. A pity — I think it would’ve turned some heads.”

Damn it! In a day and age when The Smurfs and A-Team are once again seeing the light of day as big-screen features, why not throw in a little dark, post-apocalyptic Captain Planet action as well?

C’mon Ted! Make it happen!

Poster mock-up courtesy of benajohnson web log

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  • alison

    damn! Is there no way we can hound this guy to get it up and running?!

  • King leo

    I found you through benajohnson blog. I am in love with your vectors!

  • nicco edwards

    hey my name is nicco edwards. ive thought of the same idea one day an i ran into you searching for people who have thought of this idea and i see that one of the characters are missing an that is the African American. i looked at him an i looked at him an his description fits mines perfectly an if you guys will pick me to play that role i will for sure to make my character as he is in the TV show. im 20 an have a great split language and personalty….

  • nicco edwards

    i think this movie will turn out great and make alot of money because its different. if they didnt know what captin planet is about they will know in the future…

  • nicco edwards

    please get back with me on my email and talk with me about the actors more. i have the movie already written out piece by if you will like to collab imformation to make the script more better than that means i great movie is awaiting the future.

  • nicco edwards

    believe me this is a great ideal an i have connects with alot of some areas we might come close too but ill fill all that in…

  • http://g g

    i feel bad that this nicco kid thinks these people have any connection to captain planet whatsoever.