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Alec Baldwin always surprises me with his sheer level of coolness!! He’s an outspoken vegetarian, an environmental activist and now he’s lending his voice to a public service announcement that aims to help reduce homelessness in New York City.

In the PSA released by the Coalition for the Homeless — a charity blasting Bloomberg’s follow-through on a 2004 pledge to slash the number of homeless New Yorkers — Baldwin reminds us that, “over 40,000 New Yorkers will go to sleep homeless tonight.”

While the city Department of Homeless Services vows the homeless population in NYC is shrinking, the coalition disagrees and will televise the PSA on various networks to bring more attention to the problem.

It doesn’t look like the video has been released yet, but to check out more videos produced by the organization, visit

  • true vegetarian

    Alex Baldwin is not at all a vegetarian…unless you consider lox to be a vegetable. Watch this video and you will see how he talks about his favorite food at Greenglass (a Jewish restaurant in Manhattan) is the Nova platter.
    Here is the youtube video:

    Here is the restaurant menu:

    Sad to see that Alex Baldwin still calls himself a vegetarian when he eats fish….

  • Ally

    A vegetarian? Pffft! He’s a regular at Morton’s and a half dozen other steak houses, he loves his T-bone and osso buco, he has talked about it many times. He is the typical do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do champagne socialist in every way, including what he eats. Aside from that, the guy has one seriously bad aura, sarcastic and nasty and abusive. No thank you.
    He does NOT represent me as a vegan in any way! His attitude & actions makes us all look bad.

  • parrish

    Whoa! Ally, True…thanks for the good information. Alec is on just about every vegetarian list that’s out there. Thanks for the tip!