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We love green bag thursday — mainly because we’ve never had one before. Nevertheless, we feel you can’t have too many eco-friendly reuseable bags just waiting to be forgotten in the back of you car. So, we’ve teamed up with ASOLUT to hook up two lucky readers with Rosario Dawson’s inspired green design. The bag is a partnership between ABSOLUT and the the Environmental Media Association to raise funds and bring awareness on climate change. You can find out more information on the campaign here.

What do you have to do to win? Well first, you have to be 21 to enter. Second, just leave a comment on the different ways you’ve avoided using plastic bags in your life. Winners will be chosen at random. Good luck!

[UPDATE] We have our winners! Erin and Rebecca were both randomly selected. If you aren’t one of these two, don’t worry — we have another great contest brewing behind the scenes. Thanks for the awesome comments!

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  • Swan

    When I go to the grocers and just buy a few small products I request no bags please.

    Also I purchased several of the reusuable bags to take along to the grocer.

    When I go to Borders bookstore I request no bags please! And if I am worried about the books or magazines being damaged in transit due to the kids in the car I just put them in the trunk.

    The books, not the kids.

    Speaking of kids, for the school lunch I have small containers for their snacks rather than using a new plastic baggy every time.

    Generally speaking I opt to not accept a bag from the store clerk 8 times out of 10. And the other times I stuff items in my purse or bring a reusable canvas bag with me.

    My main goal is to try not to have so much garbage to throw out at the end of the week.

  • Tanya Ramseth

    When my daughters and I go to the store we ask every time for no bags- although we get some very strange looks. But I figure between our six arms and whatever bag we have remembered to grab out of the car, we will make do!

    We take our lunches to work and school using re-usable containers to avoid using plastic bags.

    If we are doing an exceptionally large shopping trip we will even look for someone who works at the store to help us get a box out of the back and we just use that- fits into the back of the car much better than a bunch of bags and we have less crushed items.

  • Sara

    I always keep a pile of canvas bags in the car so whether we are picking up our CSA, getting other groceries or just doing a little shopping I have bags with us. If I forget sometimes my 4 year old reminds me. I love “collecting” bags from other places. When I travel somewhere I get a reusable bag as a “gift” to myself. I also do this when I go to concerts. I love my new Jack Johnson bag. I know that it sounds like I have a lot of bags, but I also give my bags away. At Christmas we give gift bags (reusable grocery bags) instead of baskets that get dusty on the shelf. I think that the more that people see other people with reusable bags they will become the norm.

  • Erin K

    I always take my reusable bags to the market with me. I use them to carry my items while shopping and to carry them home.
    Yesterday while walking to the store, I saw a man riding a scooter (man-powered) and his plastic grocery bag fell off the back and tore open. I gave him one of my reusable bags and told him that he was doing the earth good by “scooting” around and that he should go a step further and ditch the plastic for reusable bags.

  • Di

    I always have my Trader Joe’s bags in my trunk ready….and I use them anywhere I grocery shop. They’re perfect. When I buy clothes I usually put them in a canvas bag I have with me. And shoes…they’re in the box, so definitely no need for a bag. Same with books or other easy-carry items…bags are just so unneccesary.

    Maybe some people think it’s strange to ask for no bag, but I think it makes an impression on them and others notice too…and hopefully it will make them think about what they do.

  • flovebunny

    I always use canvas bags at the grocery store. I also use seventh generation biodegradable trash can liners, and whenever I’m buying something like books or shoes, I let the salesperson know a bag isn’t necessary!

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  • Lori

    I try to take my scooter to the store when it’s only a few things, and I keep one of the many canvas bags I have received from work to promote different products in my carrier at all times. So I save gas on my scoot, and save a bag to boot!

  • Jason Varone

    I absolutely never use plastic bags so when I forget to bring my lunch to the office and I have to go out for something to eat, I find myself precariously balancing a cup of soup, a salad and a sandwich in my hands! I have yet to drop anything, but that hot soup can be a little challenging to hold onto. And, yes, I know its a lot of food – but those of us to cycle to work are always hungry!

  • jamie lynn

    i ALWAYS take my cloth totes to the grocer’s, and keep a fashionable rainbowheart canvas one in the jeep in case i need to stop anywhere else.
    if shopping elsewhere than the grocery store, i purposely refrain from buying more than i can carry around the store in my hands–that way i never need to take a bag, and i never buy too much (a major problem in our consumer-happy society).
    and i haven’t bought ziploc bags in over a year–those get reused too!! some of my coworkers use plastic grocery bags to tote their lunches; i opt for my breast cancer cooler and reusable containers.
    and when the occasional stray bag blows into my yard (thanks neighbors!), it gets recycled.
    plastic bags are the devil!! we need more laws banning them.

  • Nicole

    My family and I take our cloth bags with us whenver we go grocery shopping, to a store and even the mall. If I am somewhere like Blockbuster and they ask me if I would like a bag I say no way and explain to them that they shouldnt offer plastic bags for one stupid rental because people are ingorant and will just say yes. The employees usually laugh WITH me and completely agree. I love saying NO BAG PLEASE when there are lots of people around because it just spreads the message!! :0)

  • Nichole

    Most grocery stores now sell their own “green bags.” I have several of these bags from local grocery stores that I bring with me when I go shopping. Also, when at the mall or department store, its a good idea to bring along your own tote to put your items in. If you want to really get into the recycling spirit, pick up some vintage fabric and make your own tote. It’s friendly on the earth as well as customized to your personal style!

  • Jennae @ Green Your Decor

    I’m not a drinker, but this is a cute bag!

    I have a stock of 15 reusable grocery bags that I keep in my trunk. When I get home from the store, I unpack them, and put them back in the trunk so I won’t forget them next time I go shopping.

    I also have a HUGE canvas bag that I got from Old Navy for $5 that I use when I’m going to the mall. It tends to be clunky since it’s so big and I’d really prefer a collapsible one, but in the meantime, I’d rather a big, clunky bag than a plastic shopping bag any day.

    And when I buy just a few items, even on the off chance I don’t have one of my bags with me, I just say “no thanks” for a bag. You wouldn’t believe how many cashiers have thanked me for taking the initiative to do that.

  • Elaine

    I have been using cloth bags for groceries for over four years now. The only time I ask for paper in plastic is so I can put my cats dirty litter in. I have gotten my 79 year old mother to use them as well and I am very proud of that as she is very set in her ways. I think living with her and my father for a while has changed how they think about the planet and what we all can do to help.

  • Lauren

    I carry a gigantic purse on a regular basis, and one great perk of that is being able to shove several purchases into it as I go. (I constantly need to remind myself, however, that it is not ok to “hold” something in there until I get to the register…stores don’t understand that.)

    Also, I don’t put my produce into thin plastic bags. I figure that I’m going to wash them when I get home anyway, why use a bag?

    Bravo to you guys for making yet another “green” behavior seem do dang cool.

  • Sharyn

    Well I always so “no bag please” for small or single items and isn’t it funny how you always get a strange look?

    I never use vegetable bags . . . I mean, aren’t we going to wash the veggies and fruits at home?

    I try so hard to remember to bring my reusable bags every time I go food shopping.

  • Lisa

    At Christmas, I wrapped all my presents in reusable bags. My friends used to make fun of me. Now they proudly tote their eco bags. I’m changing the world one person at a time. It’s my mission. I love this Absolut bag! The design is amazing! Well done!

  • Wade

    If we are only buying a few items at the store, we hand carry them out and opt out of a plastic bag. But mostly Target sells these great reusable grocery bags that snap into a small square. We find they are the ones we use the most. The hard bottom makes it easy to carry and stand upright when filled with groceries.

  • Sally

    I absolutely do not keep any cloth, canvas, etc. bags in my car or trunk … because I don’t have a car!

    I love open-weave crochet bags because they smoosh down to nothing and I can carry it with me everywhere in the bottom of my purse.

  • Heather Suttie

    Hello from Scotland where I started my campaign to end the use of plastic bags in October last year.. Jute alternatives are also hip and cool and organic!

    Please show your support for a beautiful plastic bag free Scotland by signing my petition.

    Many thanks and I love being here on holiday in Hermosa Beach, LA!!

    Heather x

  • celticbuffy

    I have 3 eco-friendly bags and keep 2 in the car for shopping and one at home for various times when we would normally grab a plastic bag, like when heading to the pool.

  • Cira

    Instead of talking about the ways I’ve avoided using plastic bags, I’ll just mention how cool my canvas bags are!

    I’ve sewn my own cloth bags to avoid picking up sad sweatshop bags for a buck at the grocery stores. In this way, I can also express my individuality and creativity. Plus, my bags (decorated with trees, hearts, music notes, rainbows, whatever I feel like painting/sewing) are WAY cuter than plain beige hemp/canvas bags or those sold at grocery or discount stores with huge logos on them! :)

    I’d love to win this bag so I can add it to my lovely stash of cute shopping bags. :)

  • Lisa

    When I go out shopping for a day at the mall and I forget my reusable bags, I use the bag from my first purchase to carry all my other purchases. I refuse any tissue wrap and just toss it in with the others. You only have 2 hands…you don’t need 10 bags!

  • prisilla

    I love my reusable bags and I take them everywhere. On the rare instance I forget to take it to the store I will ask for no bag or just stuff it into my purse. My husband was a tough sell but he is now on board with the reusable bags. An even tougher sell was my parents but I bought them some reusable grocery bags and 8 times out of 10 they are using them!

  • Jennifer

    Our rule used to be that if we forget our re-usable bags, we purchase another one at the store. 20 bags later, we never forget them now! Keeping them in the trunk helps on those unexpected trips to the store.

  • Valerie

    I always keep a supply of reusable shopping bags in my car, so that I have them whenever I go shopping. I’m even going to begin putting birthday gifts in reusable shopping bags rather than paper ones. Hopefully, I can convert others in my circle to use them when they go shopping.

  • erin

    I only use organic non bleached canvas bags when i go to any store. They even did a piece on me in the local paper about green living – the bags, my hybrid, solar power etc.. I don’t do it to be pretentious but to send a message to other people who will hopefully do the same. I even give gifts at holidays in the bags (as I see others do) in hopes that they’ll then use the bags when they go to the store and continue the trend ;)


  • Rebecca

    My grandmother taught me to use canvas bags instead of plastic ones back when I was 9 years old.
    I have fond memories of my summers in Manhattan, going shopping with her and her oversized Barnes & Noble bag she used for groceries.
    This design by Rosario is fantastic. No doubt it will be a best seller.

  • Dan Johnson

    Easy. If I’m in the mall (god forbid), and I’m planning on making several purchases at different stores, I always a) use my canvas bags or b) if I’ve forgotten them, I’ll take one paper bag and use it for all the purchases. Then I save the paper bag at home for collecting recycled papers.

  • marcus

    When I go out of my house, I always have at least one textile bag in my backpack, so I never need any plastic bag when I go shopping. I got so much of them, that I leave bags at my friends place, when I carry something over to them. even they, by the time, got lots of these bags, so these are circulating around between a lot of people. give one at a time, get another one some other time.
    and if I go out in the greens & see for example some elderflowers, the best way transporting them home is a canvas bag.
    btw nice designs & nice wodka!

  • Anjanette

    I’m a bag addict! It’s just another way for me to feed my love for fashionable bags hahah… but I keep a few in my car all the time for when I go shopping and my mom taught me to do that years ago. If I ever forget, well, I use the plastic bags again for garbage from my pets so they never go directly into the trash.

  • Nichole

    Does anyone know when (if not already) the winner will be announced?