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Um, note to self: when traveling abroad, skip Naples. Did anyone else know that in Naples garbage collectors have stopped picking up the trash because dumps are full and residents have protested against new ones? That’s like a huge problem, and I’m not the only one who thinks so!

Sophia Loren is literally begging the residents of Naples to clear the garbage off the famous streets she once inhabited. Loren said in the Italian daily La Repubblica on Friday “I beg you, with my hands clasped in prayer, to multiply efforts to remedy to this tragedy.”  She added, “I look at this tragedy with deep anguish in my heart.”

Sophia hopes that Neapolitans will “cooperate” and “make an effort.”  Apparently it’s gotten so bad that people are burning garbage, knocking over trash cans and dumping rubbish in the countryside. The government has passed a series of measures, but things don’t seem to be getting any better. 

This whole thing brings up an interesting point. What happens when our landfills have no more room? Being a New York City resident, I get pissed when the trash cans become too filled and the garbage spills on the sidewalk — I couldn’t imagine the trash just no longer being picked up. Yowzers! Anybody out there got a good plan for Naples?


  • michael

    She’s not covering up much there, is she?

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  • earlessdude1388

    they could pour it into the crater of the volcano. let the heat take care of it (removing plastics of course).

  • Marcel ter Stege

    to support Napels is not so differcult
    they are direct waste project to start and clean this very quick, and great power, but how controll this project in this area Sophia? happy to inform here

  • Ellie

    Hi, I live in Italy and the Napoli problem has been going on for months now- the streets are quite literally piles high with rubbish- it’s much taller than people on the streets. It’s a complicated problem because the reason that the rubbish tips there became full in the first place is thanks to the Comorra (the Napoli mafia) who make a lot of money by illegally dumping waste for people in the normal tips. The new government that has just been elected had pledged to focus on it as a top priority… but the prime minister is too busy passing laws that will freeze all court cases for a year so that he doesn’t have to go to trial for his impending fraud cases. That’s life in Italy!

  • Sweetgreen

    hi Ellie understand the problem very much

    The project is very simple collect the waste in one zone and great power and give the people in the city this for free.
    If Sophia realy pick up this problem where is the company to inform here , regards and good luck

  • Janice R England

    Obviously Ms. Loren has not done her homework. Residents are protesting the opening of new landfills because of their high rates of cancer and other serious illnesses caused by toxic waste that was dumped in landfills near their homes. Residents are tired of being victims and are standing up for their rights. Now the government is threatening to arrest and imprison people who protest the reopening of these landfills.