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 “It’s going to come as a huge shock to you, but I’ve been addicted to green, and I’m not joking. Anything that’s green – from Jell-O, to cucumber, to snap peas, to lime sorbet, all stuff that is really sharp and crunchy. It’s the most bizarre thing. So crunchy and green. Green apples are probably the highest priority on my list – I have a refrigerator full of them.”

 - Minnie Driver discussing her pregnancy-induced “green” cravings. 


  • erin

    not so bad except the gelatin (made of animals and the gross parts ;( but now there’s good news. they have vegan jello which is pretty cool ;)

  • Christy

    I’ve been seeing Minnie at a LA cafe eating delicious vegan fare. Good for her and her baby!

  • Amber

    She’s taken a new meaning to “Going Green”, good for Minnie.
    LA has some really delicious vegan resturants, gotta love it.

    She’s just the most talented actress. I love the Riches it’s such an amazing TV show, I hope it continues… I read that she hopes so too.
    With a baby due and her new movie Take coming out (i can’t wait to see it!).. actually it’s already out!
    Anyone else excited? (as anyone & everyone should be)

    She’s truly wonderful, go Minnie!