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When I first heard that model Gisele Bündchen was getting behind a campaign to donate money to help protect the Amazon river system, I thought ‘Ok, there’s a nice one-time gesture.’ I’m so happy to be proven wrong.

Turns out, Gisele is more than just giving away a portion of sales from her new line of shoes to the cause — she’s also blogging about it! According to Treehugger, “she and a group of correspondents in Brazil inform about environmental maters and share pictures and videos.” Much like Jessica Biel, Gisele is jumping into the digital realm to educate and inspire people to take action.

Jump on over to her site, and you’ll first be greeted by the model dressed in a skimpy dress and sitting in the trees. Fine by me. You can then choose to read the articles either in Portuguese and English — though it appears not everything translates.

When the site launched, Gisele sent this message out to readers:

“For some time I’ve been trying to find a way to talk about issues that are of interest to me and that I think of interest for you too, such as out planet and what we can do to take care of it. There are many people who are going to join us and post their ideas to this blog and I would like you to participate as well, to hear your ideas and what you think it’s important for us to post on it.”

Groovy, we’ll add her to our sidebar.

Gisele’s site via Huffington Post

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  • michelle

    Enough already.Just when I think that there are a few people with intellect on this planet I AM SO proven wrong.I mean don’t people feel insulted when it takes some over paid emaciated freak possible grandchild of a nazi(I mean come on Bundchen) to get people to realize that the world needs saving. Does it take a thing sitting in an overpriced decaying mosquito net on top of a plastic prop tree to grab people’s attention? There are so many people who are making changes everyday and they are not featured.I mean I know alot of men will visit the site but do you think it is going to change the way they lead there everyday lives? NO.Come on how many guys are going to be like”I am so going to recycle and change biodiesel.Hey that chick Gisele is doing it too.” Or how many anorexics are going to be like”Oh she is so my idol now everytime I want to throw up I’ll do it in my very own compost patch.I will also add tree planting to my torturous exercise regiment all for mother earth and the ultimate loss of calories”

  • Remy Chevalier

    I always said if Leo had allowed Gisele to narrate the 11th Hour he’d have had a huge hit on his hands… He let her go a little too soon… she finally shows green colors after they split up? There’s a story here to whoever cares to dig deep.

  • cinderella

    Its nice to see that she is making up for it, i hope her stance on the treatment of animals for human use and consumption has evolved as well.