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Ok ya’ll, let’s journey back in time. Remember in April when we told you about the rodeo controversy that was going on in Cheyenne, Wyoming. To quickly recap — Matchbox 20 and (a year prior) Carrie Underwood had both pulled out of Frontier Days — a large local rodeo show — after learning about some of the cruel practices that are involved in the sport from the animal rights group SHARK. Long story short, people on both sides of the table were pissed and at the end of the day it all ended in a lawsuit. Well it looks like we have some more rodeo controversy just down the street.  

Poison drummer Rikki Rockett has been a dedicated animal supporter for many years and when he signed on to play a July 5th show in Greeley, Colorado, he had no idea that part of the show was a rodeo. YIKES!! Rockett said: “I had no idea that this gig included a rodeo. I have a huge problem with animal cruelty at rodeos. Greeley is a huge rodeo, which means an enormous amount of animal abuse! I am blown away that I missed the description of this show on our touring schedule printout.”

Now, Rikki is in a tricky situation. If he was a one man band the decision would be easy — pull out of the show. However, Ricki has four other people to think about and that makes everything way more complicated. About the decision he said:  “I represent one quarter of Poison, not Poison as a band. My band mates do understand my feelings about this. I don’t own the band, but Poison isn’t Poison without me. I have decided to keep my commitment to the fans and educate them about rodeo cruelty at the same time. However, this is the last gig like this, and the rest of the band agrees with that.”

Sounds good to us! To find out more about what SHARK thinks about rodeos, visit

  • Jason

    I’ve had enough. I am sick and tired of celebrities thinking that L.A. and New York should dictate how the rest of the world thinks. News flash Rikki; there are plenty of great people that participate in rodeos and are animal lovers to.