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Thinkprogress has put together a wonderful smattering of quotes from some of our favorite outraged radical right decrying Pixar’s new animated film Wall-E and the environmental message it contains. Here are a few highlights:

Glenn Beck: I can’t wait to teach my kids how we’ve destroyed the Earth. … Pixar is teaching. I can’t wait. You know if your kid has ever come home and said, “Dad, how come we use so much styrofoam,” oh, this is the movie for you.

Shannen Coffin: From the first moment of the film, my kids were bombarded with leftist propaganda about the evils of mankind. It’s a shame, too, because the robot had promise. The story was just awful, however.

Amazing, isn’t it? I saw the movie on Monday and thought it was a fantastic story — and by no means did I feel the environmental plot line distracted from the love story. And “fascistic elements”? Are you kidding me? One guy even went so far to say that the color red used in the movie in evidence of a facist agenda! Whoa.

Thankfully, the vast majority of the world does not subscribe to the fading radical right’s view of the world. Currently, Wall-E is enjoying a remarkable 96% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. A wonderful achievement!

If you saw it, what did you think?

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  • James

    I’m a conservative. I didn’t find it at all out-of-line. Anyways, aren’t conservatives always screaming about “kids glued to screens all the time?” Isn’t that one of our essential beefs? Well, the movie take the screen-staring populace to task as well as the polluters. I’m pretty sensitive to leftist agendas in films, but I didn’t see it here. It was green, but so innocently green that only the most determined viewer could feel manipulated.

  • Fran

    i *LOVED* every aspect of the movie, the love story, the environmental plot line, all of it. i was super impressed and thought Pixar did a wonderful job.

  • Willo

    I loved the film! I believe it to be the best movie so far this year. Yeah, it sent out a message about our environment, but that was one of many in the movie! I believe it will make the younger generations more conscious about their environment and act up! Humans are animals and we need to coincide with nature, not destroy it.

  • Kristin

    I would identify as a liberal, and am pretty liberal at that. . . I was actually blown away by how intensely critical the film was. I was blown away by the stance on obesity, on consumerism, and on a disrespect/sense of entitlement towards the earth. . . .

    Having said that, it made me continually repeat to myself, “Geez, this movie is pretty critical for a kids film.” And at the same time, “Man, the animators/movie makers behind this must be pretty sick of the way things are going if they took such a critical approach in making this film.”

    Either way, I was impressed.

    Impressed by the animation, by the critical narrative and by how full a story can be when both main characters don’t really talk.



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  • Remy Chevalier

    They haven’t even touched on EVE being a representation of the White Goddess, the avenging angel, the life giving egg, a dominatrix role reversal between anima and animus… and a set of deep blue eyes to die for!

  • Marty

    Yeah, those guys are nuts. Pixar wasn’t trying to be political with this movie at all.

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  • erik

    go veg! SAVE THE WORLD!