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 Looks like Sting is getting some bad press again! Earlier in the year Ecorazzi reported that Sting’s charity, the Rainforest Foundation had been under attack when the New York Post reported that it was rated one of the worst charities in New York City. Later it was revealed that Isabel Vincent, the conniving “journalist” at the New York Post who penned the piece, did so merely to embarrass the organization on the day of their fundraiser. Cool Isabel…real cool. 

Well now Sting is getting it from certain environmental groups who are chastising the singer for his dirty little private plane habit. It was reported that this past weekend Sting flew separately from his band between Germany and London on a private plane that had room for 14 other passengers. A spokesman for Leipzig airport confirmed the reports.

Sting is famous for his green activism and urging the public to cut their carbon emissions and so it makes sense that chartering a plane for personal use might cause a PR issue. However, I have to say this doesn’t really bother me all THAT much. If you’re an Ecorazzi regular you know that my speciality is in animal rights and veganism and, sadly, I’ve found that a lot of times celebrities are weary about saying they’re vegan (even if they are) because it leaves them open for exceptionally harsh and rather unfair scrutiny in many aspects of their life. The same can be true for those outspokenly green.

The fact is that people in the public eye sometimes are forced to lead more enviromentally destructive lives than us “common folk.” And so the question becomes how do these eco stars rectify their occasional less-than-green behavior? Do I think Sting should have taken the other plane with his band buddies? Sure. Do I think that all the great work he does for the environment is more important that an silly slip up? Absolutely! 

What do you think Ecorazzi readers? Are occasional lapses in green judgement more acceptable for stars that preach the word of Mother Earth and otherwise lead environmentally productive lives? Chime in and voice your opinion! 

  • Aerospace engineer

    Your editorial is a classic case of elitism. The people who “just care so much” get a free pass at the expense of average people who have to live by the ignorant rules they force upon us. I’m sure the ruling elite of the USSR would have loved your way of thinking.

  • http://ecorazzi Artemis Asproyerakas

    More important are steps taken in the right direction rather than the occasional stumble. Momentum is building towards healing the planet and we all need to work together, always doing the best that we can, instead of looking to trip each other up.

  • Remy Chevalier

    We’ve had the same band of green celebs out there drumming up support to save the rainforest, and guess what, it’s still being cut down faster than it’s ever been… So let’s give someone or something else a chance to have a crack at it… maybe all that money they are raising isn’t going where it should be going… to win… to stop the clearcutting… maybe the money they raise should be going to the real hardcore front line trenchers, like Earth First! who are always struggling for resources, but really get their hands dirty, and get things done! The Rainforest Action Network has all been a little too pretty and sweet… we need to get back to basics! Radicalize!

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