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 She’s young, spunky, a tad controversial and definitely knows how to sell a few records. Without a doubt, Miley Cyrus just might be the most popular star in the entire tween world.

On Sunday Miley delighted the audience at a charity concert in Nashville when she made a surprise appearance alongside country music star Jeffery Steele. Steele was hosting the event to raise money for charity in memory of his son Alex who was just 13-years-old when he past away in an all-terrain quad bike accident last year. 

Miley wasn’t on the bill to play and shocked not only the audience but Steele himself when she walked out on the stage to perform. The duo sang Simple Song, which was originally recorded by Cyrus, and was the only song written by Steele that appeared on his son Alex’s MP3 player when he died. After a second duet Steele told the crowd, “Miley might live in Hollywood, but in her heart, she’ll always be our Tennessee girl.”

To find out more about the organization Steele was supporting, visit

  • Matt

    Yummy, Soooooooo Yummy !

  • Savannah

    Aww thats nice od Miley :D

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  • http://hannahmontanawebsite allysha

    hey miley you rock where do you buy youre

  • erin

    I don’t mean to be a shit here… really I don’t but those are probably the most annoying and un eco friendly bikes in the world. If I ever meet a guy who drives one sorry but I don’t give him the time of day.

    So how exactly is this eco related that she showed up at some country “music” (hard for me to call country music – music since it sucks sorry) his son’s benefit who died driving a big ugly eco hating four wheeler?

    at least the money goes towards kids skating which is more friendly than four wheelin. But if it went toward an eco friendly charity that would be better (and make more sense being linked on this eco site)


    • dchayes1

      Only someone very self-absorbed would bring up “Eco” or “Green” when a child has died.

      Parents do the best they can to survive the death of their child.

      Use your head, better yet show some compassion.

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  • Don

    Good work, Miley. We haven’t given up on you yet. Keep up the good press. Show us you care.