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Just because PETA scored a KFC victory in Canada doesn’t mean they’re taking a break. No sir, the animal rights group is at it even stronger to spread news of the miserable conditions KFC chickens are forced to endure. PETA recently recruited Australian model Imogen Bailey to join their fight and speak out against animal abuse.

Imogen wrote a letter to Albert Baladi—managing director of Yum! Restaurants International South Pacific, the parent company of KFC in the Asia-Pacific region—asking him to do as the Canadians did and improve the welfare of their animals. In her letter, Imogen wrote:

“As you might know, I once helped open a KFC restaurant in Gungahlin, ACT. However, if I knew then what I know now about KFC, I never would have taken part. I was shocked to learn … that KFC has refused to demand that its suppliers eliminate the worst abuses suffered by the more than 850 million chickens raised and killed for its restaurants every year. As the head of KFC in Australia, you have the power [to] improve the way that chickens are treated, and I hope you will take action to do so. Take it from me: No “chick” wants to be treated like a piece of meat.”

Bailey certainly isn’t new to animal activism, having previously appeared in anti-fur ads and worked on campaigns to end cruelty towards elephants and bulls. To find out more about why KFC is essentially the devil, visit


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