Most of us (I hope) try to live as environmentally friendly and cruelty-free lives as possible. As a dude I might have to think about where my sneakers come from, but I never really have to worry about makeup…especially makeup brushes. Well as it turns out most makeup brushes are made from animals tortured on fur farms and celebrity designer Peggy Hannaman-Jones thinks thats crap! 

In fact, the Emmy-nominated Hollywood hairstylist and makeup artist to the stars—including Heather Locklear, Terri Hatcher, Lucy Lu, and Eric Roberts— spent years working on creating a synthetic brush for that adorable little makeup wearing face in your life. Enter Branded J Collections. 

Branded J “takes pride in making products that can make a difference” and have proved so by including PETA’s signature bunny ears on their products. And speaking of PETA…wanna win some free cruelty-free Branded J products? PETA is holding a contest to win some cruelty-free makeup brush loot! All you have to do is visit and fill out the entry form sometime before July 31st. Three lucky winner will be selected to win a four-piece Perfect Eye brush set from Branded J. Cause remember — being truly beautiful means inside and out!

  • Mitzie

    Hi Parrish, if you don’t have a pair already come check out our 100% vegan, organic cotton classic canvas sneaks. They are the ethical alternative to the chuck, which we all know got purchased by nike and moved overseas some time ago. And thanks for the tip on the cruelty free brushes!

  • Nell

    Awesome. I’ve been slowly switching over everything in the ol’ beauty box to stuff that’s definitely cruelty-free. One great company I found recently is Nail-Aid (, who are certified by PETA as well as the Humane Cosmetics Standard in the UK. Totally vegan, cruelty-free nail care products (that really work, too). I will give Branded J a try. Thanks!

  • Pierre

    I saw some at a promo booth at IMG’s NY fashion week a couple seasons ago. I don’t use make-up brushes either, so what do I know, but they seemed very nice.

    If I remember correctly, those who tested them thought highly of them.