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“If the earth dies, you die”

“If you die, the earth survives.”

Is Keanu Reeves friend or foe? Is he here to help the planet or help the humans? Will this movie suck beyond belief or rock out? Will the Glenn Beck’s eyes bleed if there’s an eco-friendly message? Check it out below!

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  • Remy Chevalier

    The DTESS was a masterpeice of cold war paranoia, with the meanest, scariest robot ever devised by scifi cinema… The plot was inspired by Gurdjieff’s All & Everything, and the saucer designed by one of this followers, architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It had deep undertones, links to the CIA, and recently founded United Nations. It’s going to be a hard sell, but if anything, it will bring attention back to the rarity of the original. It’s amazing how many environmental groups today advocate a day of rest for the Earth, where all machines would have to stop, give Gaia a breather, a day of Sabbath, as intended by ancient cultures.