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I’ll admit that when I first heard news of an updated ‘eco-version’ of the classic sci-fi flick The Day The Earth Stood Still, I had my doubts. Perhaps my taste in acting is unrefined, but I for one generally do not have many problems with Keanu Reeves in lead roles. I was was a little worried, however, (as were many) that this new take on the story of treehugging alien invaders might be a little much. Then I saw the trailer — which looks promising, if not a tad-bit “Michael Bay-ish”. According to an interview with MTV, director Scott Derrickson says the film isn’t just focuesd on the climate change — but also everything else we’re doing to screw ourselves as a species. From the article,

I think that this film in some ways is an attempt to address a number of issues that are amongst the most pressing issues for the human race. The original, being a Cold War film, was addressing what was clearly the greatest threat for the human race at that time, mutual nuclear destruction, and that’s not the most pressing threat that we face now. It’s also man vs. man. We are destroying each other as well. Our country’s at war right now. There is certainly the issue being addressed in the movie of our treatment of one another on the planet. I think it’s a movie about human nature as much as anything else and how human nature is acting itself out in the world right now.

Sounds intriguing. Hopefully it won’t put the critics to sleep like The Happening seems to have done.

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    Who is going to be robotic? Keanu or Gort?
    Klaatu barada nikto. It’s amazing that any girl has ever spoken to me.