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Do you suffer from Orthorexia? Don’t know what Orthorexia is? THAT’S BECAUSE IT’S NOT REAL!!! The folks over at KNBC, however, might disagree. This crack squad of A+ reporters used their box of scare tactics to warn you about Orthorexia — meaning one who is obsessed with eating healthy food. Do you avoid hormone-laden chow, Big Macs and soda? Well, I hate to say it, but you probably have Orthorexia. THIS is the exact reason why I don’t watch television. Now if you’ll excuse me I have some greens and tofu waiting for me. I’m such an Orthorexic.


  • Liz

    As silly as this news report might have been, I think it’s just highlighting an important everyday truth – good things become bad if you take them too far. Just like exercise bulimia. As bad as processed food is when compared to pure alternatives, our bodies have adjusted over time to be able to accommodate a certain amount of crap. It is possible to be a healthy person and still eat the occasional McDonald’s hamburger.

  • Jaimelee

    Okay so because I eat healthy and refuse to eat processed foods I have an eating disorder? I agree with Liz that you have have too much of a good thing. But because I am not going to eat something because it is bad for me doesn’t mean something is wrong. There is nothing wrong with making good choices as long as you aren’t using it as an excuse to not eat. That is where you cross over. But just because I refuse to eat that red 40, hydrogenated bag of chemical soup doesn’t mean I have a problem.


    What can I say about this report? Here are junk foodests trying to justify eating that garbage. Shows the ignorance of the press. Yeah people may eat junk and others choose not too. Certain diets like Vegan will isolate you from the mass because the mass is not making vegan food available. Vegans don’t obsess they make choices. It is not restriction or obsession. It is knowing that one can do better. There is nothing wrong with respecting your self and trying to put the best fuel in the body. Many do that with their cars and no one says anything. They only wish they could be so disciplined. Again media making excuses for their bad habbits. Let everyone just be if they are not hurting anyone.

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  • jamie lynn

    amen. i’m sick of being TREATED like i have an eating disorder simply because i’m not willing to ingest gallons of high fructose corn syrup daily. what is so wrong with cooking for yourself?? i happen to like knowing what goes into my meals–and being able to pronounce all the ingredients…

  • parrish

    Hmm…sounds like ya’ll have a serious case of Orthorexia…HA!

  • vegoftheweek

    There’s always a pop psychology trend sprouting up. There have been a whole host of labels and “disorders” created years ago that now experts say either don’t exist or is in fact just “different” vs. “abnormal.”

    If people are enjoying making good choices, why does it have to have an abnormal spin to it? If you look and consider what “norm” and “average” is these days in terms of health and the decisions people make regarding it, I think people will find much better things to make a video about.

    I think the main thing people (who made the video) don’t understand is that people enjoy making these choices-choosing healthier, reading labels, learning how you might better your health through what you eat. Friends often tell me, “Oh, it’s Thanksgiving, just once a year, you should indulge (in turkey).”—I have no desire to! I”m not struggling to avoid it. It’s not tempting! There’s no psychological torture going on here.

    If everyone set their goals to eating a little “purer” it would almost certainly do more good than harm!

  • Maggie

    So… how is this “dangerous”? I mean, obsessive-compulsive tendencies can make you annoying, maybe less social, but “dangerous”? These people are eating HEALTHY – their focus is health, not superficial appearances. If you are OCD about anything, that’s just OCD, not a whole new “disease.” This is exactly why I hate TV news, too. *sigh*

  • equa yona

    Did anyone notice how they said “it can be dangerous” several times, but never said how?

  • The Modern Gal

    I failed to see, exactly, what was so wrong about this so-called “orthorexia.” If I’ve got orthorexia what’s going to happen? I get really sick, I die … or worse … I’m actually healthy?

  • Dude

    Good to know we don’t have any food/diet hypochondriacs around here.

  • Lena

    Wasn’t there a story about a vegan couple who accidentally starved or nearly starved their baby because they were only feeding him what their strict adult diets allowed instead of baby formula? That seems like a closer example to what Orthorexia is then the story they showed.


    I heard this point once from a friend of mine.

    The term “Eating healthy” is kinda absurd. This is what people should be eating. Fresh vegetables, nuts, legumes, fruits. There were no MCDonalds or fast foods or processed foods when the human came around. We ate the real human diet for thousands of years. So eating junk is not normal at least for our bodies. It has become a social norm recently because marketing has pushed it and it is great for corporate profit. Try making millions off a carrot. … not happening. Now try selling a hamburger full of fake addictive additives and sell it with a toy and man you got your self a gold mind.
    Money makes the world go around and what money pushes, pushes us. Only the conscious will not be lemmings.

  • Kristen’s Raw

    I love this post… cracks me up! hahaha

    I’m so orthorexic, and I’ll outlive everyone who isn’t :)

  • Sagan Gathering

    No Lena. That couple was claimed to be vegan in the press, but somehow the reporter didn’t understand that feeding your kid fish ISN’T VEGAN.

    Even the prosecutor recognized that this couple was trying to claim to be vegan so as to con the court into thinking the death was due to that. The court got the sound science (that veganism can be perfectly healthy) and saw right through the couples’ bogus defense strategy.

  • Me

    Why not just call them hippies?

  • CedBlog

    There has been a recent onslaught of “-orexia” terms that aim to define behaviors associated with eating disorders. More of a cultural phenomenon than medical term, these “-orexia” words don’t diagnose or treat an eating disorder, but they have brought to light issues that may otherwise be overlooked. For more glossary definitions & to stay educated about eating disorders, visit our CED Blog: – this post provides more insight about orthorexia.