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We’ve got a baby theme running on Ecorazzi today — but rather than organic accessories or food — we’re chatting about health-related issues. First up was Amanda Peet and her view on child vaccinations. Now, we’ve got Katie Holmes spraying down an entire playground with sanitizer before letting her kid climb all over it.

From the July 21 print edition of the The National Enquirer, courtesy of Cele|Bitchy,

“Hubby Tom Cruise was reshooting scenes for his long-delayed film “Valkyrie” on the grounds of a Pasadena, CA church in late June when Katie and Suri dropped by to visit, according to an insider. Katie agreed to let Suri play, but not before she gave the nearby swings, benches and small jungle gym the once-over with spray and squirt bottles of sanitizer and disinfectant, said the source….“She even made an antsy Suri stay in the car until she accomplished her mission. Katie could be overheard telling her, ‘Hang on, honey. I’ll be done soon…’”

Two ways to look at this: One, Holmes is a first-time mom and I know lots of people who swear their first kid gave them the most stress with regards to germs. By the third kid, they were pretty much letting them eat cookies off the floor. Two, Mrs. Cruise is setting up an environment that will not benefit young Suri’s immune system and may lead to allergies or other deficiencies later on.

The whole thing doesn’t seem very ‘natural’ to me — especially at the level Holmes is approaching it. What do you think?

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  • Lin

    Wow. That’s going way above and beyond. As a mom of two, I can definitely confirm the “first kid germ paranoia”. But it faded the first time my oldest got hold of and proceeded to cram a lady bug in her mouth. My second is almost a year old, and both play daily on definitely not pre-sanitized playgrounds, we don’t vaccinate, and neither of my children have ever had more than a fever while they were teething.

    Being exposed to germs is all part of growing up. It strengthens the immune system, and she’s probably doing more harm than good spraying all those “disinfectants” on something Suri’s more than likely going to attempt to chow down on anyway.

  • patri

    Correct me if I’m wrong (totally possible), but scientologists don’t believe in doctors, right? So it’s possible she doesn’t want to have to chance explaining to her husband why she thinks her baby needs to see an MD if Suri gets sick.

  • sacha

    Looks like another made up story. S.

  • Katy

    That is really, really scary.

  • hannah

    Patri, I think you are thinking of Christian Scientists and the doctors (I was raised as one). Those ear infections haunt me still.

    Who cares what Ms. Holmes (Mrs. Cruise) is doing?

  • Mephala

    I can relate to that. I pretty much used baby wipes to wipe my son’s hands until he turned one and got everywhere. Now if he’s really grubby or before eating I make a trip the washroom to wash his hands. No more eco-unfriendly baby wipes or paranoia about germs since the wipes are more toxic!

  • Mephala

    Oh hang on, she cleaned the equipment? All of it? Okay, that’s extreme. Hand washing yet, hosing down playground no.

    Then again, if there’s no video of her actually doing it and/or just one photo of her wiping a seat, it is simply hearsay. It is The National Enquirer.

  • greta

    she is the best mom in the celebrities world. keep up your good work katie. some remarks are so stupid.

  • Philadelphi

    Ok your wrong. Scientologists absolutely use doctors. Your general lack of knowledge of it exposes your need to find out about something before you spew. She IS mother of her first baby. Who knows maybe by her third she too will be letting her child eat a cookie off the ground. Let’s all stay tuned so we can see the criticisms that fly at her THEN TOO shall we???!!!!

  • Thea

    Aggghhhh. Whatever. I am pretty sure that jungle gym had never been washed after years of snotty noses. It was a public service. It’s extreme, but if it eases qualms and makes it cleaner–I would say good job.

  • Liz

    I can relate. With my first I wiped down the swings, the shopping cart, tables in restaurants, high chairs, every toy that hit the floor…yes, I guess I was completely insane.

    I have outgrown this behavior. Now, with three kids, my view is germs are our friends…well except those stomach bugs.

    She’s doing her best, like most every mom I know.

  • Angela

    Bravo to Katie for not vaccinating little Suri. Hopefully she will avoid all the diabetes, autism, arthritis, allergies, asthma and cancer on the rise from over vaccinating our little babies.
    I’d be spraying evertyhing too since those recently vaccinated kids SPREAD MEASLES from their live vaccines and it’s the atypical, or more deadly, strain.
    There’s NOTHING natural about injecting dozens of viruses into the bloodstream of BABIES so big pharma can make their fortune 500 top 5 list every year while more babies are killed than any of these diseases ever caused over the past 20 years.

  • Angela

    I’m sure my comment won’t get approved because it’s based on research and proven literature.

  • The Science Commenter

    It might not be as nutty as it looks, especially if the child had just recovered from a cold or other illness.

    Overcleaning in the home with things like antibacterial solutions isn’t good for anyone and some blame this for the increase in upper respiratory disorders like asthma and weakened immune systems in children.

    But this is a public playground and kids love putting their fingers in their mouths. Why fault her? It’s no different from adults wiping down gym equipment before and after use (something no intelligent person who argue against doing).

  • fbr

    Angela, vaccinations may not be “natural”. What is natural, are the infectious diseases that used to kill a large percentage of children before adulthood. Many of these have been completely eradicated by vaccination. For this the “big pharma” deserve every single penny they’ve made from producing the vaccines.

    Not vaccinating your child is like letting them play Russian roulette. Claiming that vaccines kill more babies than the diseases would kill, or have killed in the past, is delusional. As is thinking your position is based on “research and proven literature”.

  • Angela

    It is well documented diseases were already on the natural decline BEFORE vaccines were introduced so they were not in fact “eradicated” by vaccines. It is documented the polio vaccine caused a rise in the disease after it was on the decline, as did the screw up with small pox from the cow pox vaccine. The CDC has admitted (measles)vaccine outbreaks in 100% vaccinated populations. Vaccines have not been proven to be effective and the side effect can be death. I advocate parents making an informed decision and not be strong armed or forced to give something that can be deadly to their child. Japan saw a sharp decline in SIDS when they moved the vaccine schedule to start at two years old from infancy. SIDS occurs at 2, 4, and 6 months of age. See a connection there?
    There are numerous stories and documented accounts of vaccine deaths and damage on the VAERS reporting web site. Just because it hasn’t happened to your child, does not mean it isn’t happening. How much collateral damage do we need before a change is made? There is a government fund to pay out to families who have been injured and killed by vaccines. Why?
    Vaccines CAN be a good thing but the pharmacy companies and CDC are taking it too far with getting money hungry and greedy by adding MORE and MORE needless vaccines to infants and young children. Honestly, why vaccinate a newborn for a sexually transmitted disease that wears off by the time they have sex? Because it’s “easy” to target newborns. Do you know how many vaccines are recomended for children in the first 2 years of life??? 48 doses of 12 different vaccines. It has more than doubled over the past decade!
    Please do some more research. Something is wrong here.