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A little more of the interview that Amanda Peet gave to Cookie magazine has been revealed, and it appears that she’s not holding back on letting us know how she really feels about parents who choose not to vaccinate their kids. From the article,

“Frankly, I feel that parents who do not vaccinate their children are parasites,” she says. “I have a lazy, fluffy, actor-y side that’s instinctive. And I have a side that’s practical and into statistical evidence. I’m not a casual person.”

Yikes. I wonder what Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy would say to this.

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  • wonderboy

    The irony seems to be that now that her mother has said all of these things, the kid won’t be invited to any playgroups – which is where the vaccinations would have been most important anyway.

  • Sheryl from Natural Parenting

    Yikes is right!!

    I am sure Amanda’s thoughtful attitude will bring around all the parents who decided not to vaccinate their children after doing their own long, careful and meticulous research.

    I would also love to hear Jim and Jenny’s response.

  • Jo

    Someone who doesn’t vax is a parasite? You know, she looks EXACTLY like my sister and I constantly want to smack her too. Coincidence? LOL.

    Her comment shows how ignorant she is and her intolerance SUCKS!!

  • erin

    ever since she starred in that film that flopped (Never released cept in remote parts of europe) called “TakeDown” I have not liked her. The film was about a friend and it depicted him negatively – hence the reason it never came out. I think she’s psycho and washed up.

  • jamie lynn

    how very tom cruise of her to force her wacky stance on parents across the board. what happened to people being entitled to their own opinions of how to raise their children??

    • John Harker

      And their right to spread disease and kill their children, right on!

  • Green Fan

    My parents did not vaccinate me or my two siblings. We rarely get a cold and when we do we overload our system with Vitamin C, garlic and Zinc and swab our throats with W.O. (China Healing Oil) and the cold is gone in 2 days.

    Vaccinations can throw your body’s chemistry out of whack! Which is exactly what Ms. Peet is – OUT OF WHACK!

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  • Mikey Meitbual

    I think Ms. Peet is absolutely correct – parents who don’t vaccinate their children want to enjoy the benefits of herd immunity without exposing their children to the supposed risks. While parasite might be a strong word (perhaps freeloader might have been a better choice), the meaning is the same. Your “OMG think of the children!” mentality won’t mean a whole lot when all the parents are suffering from measles infections and are unable to properly care for their children.

  • Mary Lupin

    Despite her apology, Peet is correct in using the word parasite. As more children remain unvaccinated, the incidence of previously eliminated diseases starts to rise (please read this article from the CDC as an example – As these diseases are brought back into our shared society by parents who refuse a basic line of defense for their children, the rest of us will have to cope with all the (unnecessary)problems this will bring. Expecting us to clean up the mess you are making is parasitical.

  • fatherdaddy

    Vaccines save lives. Amanda Peet is as close to my new hero as an actor can get. Jenny McCarthy and her pet, Jim Carrey, deserve a swift kick in the rear.

  • Fair Trade

    It’s very sad that this debate has been debased to such an extent.
    There are a few important aspects to remember:
    Vaccinations save lives.
    Vaccinations make pharmaceutical companies large amounts of money.
    Many doctors support vaccination but question the wisdom of hitting a babies immune system with the three in one vaccine.
    The reason a three in one vaccine was developed was for profit – not effectiveness of the vaccine.

  • Maria MacLachlan

    Vaccines have prevented millions of people from suffering from infectious diseases that caused misery, disability and death. There is no evidence that side effects of vaccines are anything like as serious as the effects of the diseases they prevent. People who don’t vaccinate their children are anti-social and irresponsible.

  • Chaldean

    @Jo: Can I meet your sister? :)

  • cherry

    Maybe when there is more money and effort to research this controversial topic will we find out the bad news. All of the Autistic children who lived in pain and frustration, never enjoying their childhood having normal lives and the ADHD children who have fallen through the cracks of the school system because teachers aren’t trained to support their needs, when cancer rates more than double will we be happy we got our SHOTS but hey the gov that supports the shots will make billions on more meds that supress not heal these conditions. If these disorders were always here in the numbers we see today in our children where are all the adult Autistic’s and high numbers of ADHD of the older generations?

  • Christina

    I think Ms. Peet’s statement is frightening as is any health care provider or organization that would impose potentially harmful tactics for the good of the many. When it comes to my child, the good of the many do not outweigh the good of the one! What would happen if we were more conscientious about our health as a nation? If breastfeeding for the first two years of life was simply the norm? If vaccinations occurred because they were truly needed, making us rely more on our healthy and capable systems: emotional, physical, neurological, immune, etc.

  • Haraye

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  • robbie

    be informed don’t vaccinate. The pharmacutical companies spend millions trying to conceal the truth.

  • Jentle

    Three cheers for Amanda Peet for having the balls to say something so un P.C.! Would all of you anti-vaccine folks still choose not to vaccinate your baby if you were in a country filled with Polio victims? Give me a break. The only reason why they don’t vaccinate is because everyone else around them DOES. “Parasite” is the PERFECT word for it. And PLEASE do your research, People! Look at countries where vaccines are optional. You will see autism rates are the same. Parents who don’t vaccinate their children have the same rates of autism as those who do.

  • cooper

    Many vaccines contain mercury. Mercury is one of the most poisious compounds that could ever be injected into your arm. I dont blame parents for not vaccinating their children. I would advise against vaccination until mercury is removed from them.