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Men in Trees lovable “Alaskan” hunk is in love with Harold…his dog. Actor James Tupper and Harold, a great dane/golden retriever mix, are speaking for PETA in a new ad to ask people to ‘Adopt. Don’t Buy’.

4 million dogs and cats are put down every year! There’s a huge overpopulation problem. Why buy a pet when you can adopt?  It doesn’t make any sense, people!  Check out James’ interview on PETA’s website (you’ll learn he likes to disco dance), and think twice when walking by the cute kittens in the pet store window. Be money wise and pet wise. Adopt!

  • Liz

    When my husband finally relented and told me go ahead and get a cat I went to a breeder and was told 500 for a single pawed Coon or 1000 for a double pawed. I would have had to sign a contract guarenting I would neuter the animal. Called my Vet and he set me in the right direction. I went to a local no-kill shelter and found Kitty. A wonderful Maine Coon for a fraction of the cost and already neutered. I still donate food, litter, homemade catnip bags and money to the shelter. They do great work. Kitty was there 6 months and was about 16 months when he adopted me. A wonderful addition to our family.