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Has the greening influence of his ex-girlfriend uber-eco Cameron Diaz faded for Justin Timberlake? He and Jessica Biel were seen leaving a nightclub in L.A. driving off in this handsome Jeep Rubicon which gets an ugly 15 miles per gallon! I know they’re both big time jocks, and this a tough looking 4×4, but how often is he needing to scramble over a boulder?

Justin is ranked #10 in a list of celebrities owning the least eco-friendly fleet of cars in the world! I guess the Jeep is a step up from the 10mpg Bentley he usually rolls in.

When we know better, we do better…right? You’d think…Here’s a few 2007 quotes from the fleet-footed dancer excerpted from The Green Book:

“And it all goes back to the environment, and our relationship to it, and what we can do to help ourselves.”

“I hadn’t really thought about how much you emit on tour, how much all those trucks emit. In your mind, you simply don”t think about all that pollution.”

“Like I said, there’s so much. I wanted to save the world in the palm of my hand.”

It’s time to bring sexy back…in a hybrid.

  • lisa

    I love these two together. Justin is so awesome. Most of all Hollywood don’t care at all about being eco-friendly. It’s so funny how we pick on certain ones.

  • Kristen’s Raw

    Doesn’t he realize (as well as other celebrities with the same purchasing habits) know how cool they’d be if they were more environmental. I’d have so much more respect for them.

  • Alexandra

    I am a huge fan of Justin, but seeing him drive that just makes me sad… I agree he would be a lot cooler if he was more eco-friendly…

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