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Grammy winning hip hop artist Coolio is helping to educate University students to green their campuses in response to climate change.  In partnership with Al Gore’s We campaign is the Environmental Justice and Climate Change initiative. Part of this initiative is for spokesperson Coolio to speak at Historically Black Colleges and Universities about the environmental justice elements of the climate crisis. Bravo to any initiative which encourages young influentials around the world to speak up for a just solution to this global problem.


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  • mike

    A reformed crack head! What a joke…I guess you liberals will do anything to appeal to your true constituency.

  • Becky

    Interesting last comment. It’s a shame that some individuals are such bad representations of humanity. Calling someone a “crack head” is rude however, referring to them as “reformed” is quite a complement. It’s not an easy thing to be..”reformed” so, I applaud Coolio in his life-changing endeavors and would hope others would follow a similar path to better themselves regardless the challenges, and to better the planet that we inhabit.

  • sandy

    In an age of our total disregard for the freedoms guaranteed in the constitution, I am surprised that any form of propaganda actually continues to surprise me. But we must look at the scale of propaganda that has spewed from the mouths of Al Gore and the socialist Europeans over the past decade. Apparently, a trace element of the atmosphere know as co2, which is a by product of all combustion and cellular respiration on earth, is having a profound impact on our planet. For some reason, global warming deniers are portrayed as corporate patsies, bent on killing the polar bears, and flooding the ghettos of Amsterdam and New Orleans. Deniers like myself are considered stupid, which is astounding. I started out as a concerned citizen, but once I started doing my own research, I discovered two things. 1. There has been a slight warming trend on earth since the end of the last ice age, and 2. There is absolutely no way that man made carbon dioxide has cause the warming trend in the past thirty years. Many of you may think that there is no real evidence that global warming is not real, because the only evidence against it on the news can be easily explained away. Antarctica ice is growing, because it is warmer and there is more snowfall. Polar bear populations are growing, because it was placed on the endangered species list in the seventies. The deniers portrayed in the media always try to claim that earth is not heating up. I am not. I am merely saying that the earth is heating up, and that carbon dioxide not causing it. Blasphemy you say? We all saw Al Gore’s movie, and the graph clearly shows that historically when co2 level goes up, earth’s temperature goes up. Yes I saw that graph too, and I was disturbed by it. As previously stated, I started doing my own research. What I uncovered will probably disturb you. When the co2 levels over time graph was superimposed over the temperature over time graph, I found that the carbon dioxide level increases on average 500 years after temperature increases. How could this be, you ask? I must be lying right? Wrong. Anyone who has ever taken simple high school chemistry should be able to come up with the answer, although I expect most climate concerned citizens out there to be brainwashed pre-adolescents, the targets of Al Gore’s vision of an oppressive Orwellian future. For those few of you on this thread who have graduated fro high school, I assume you are aware of the solvent properties of water. For solid materials, such as sugar or salt, warmer water has a higher ability to dissolve, as opposed to colder water, where these materials may not dissolve completely. It is opposite for gases. Gases such as co2 dissolve more in cold water, and less in warm water. This is why a soda will stay carbonated if kept in you fridge, the cold water has a higher ability to store dissolved co2. Oxygen and nitrogen on the other hand do not change in their rate of absorption when water temperature changes. Now let’s apply this concept to the earth as a whole. At any given time, Earths oceans store about two thirds of all carbon dioxide on earth. When the earth cools down, it can be safe to assume that the oceans cool down too, and colder ocean water absorbs more carbon dioxide, while leaving the same amount of oxygen and nitrogen in the air. When the earth and the oceans heat up, the warmer ocean water looses it’s ability to store the carbon dioxide, thus increasing the amount of co2 in the atmosphere relative to the oxygen and nitrogen. This is the simple relationship between earth’s temperature, and atmospheric co2 levels. It also explains the 500 year lag between temperature change and co2 level change; it takes 500 years for the oceans to heat up or cool down. Temperature drives co2 level, not the other way around. There is no evidence that a trace element in the atmosphere ever has or ever will be a major factor in earths temperature, and it is a lie for anyone to tell you so. Oil reserves will be depleted in about 200 years, but it is imperative that we see through this propaganda, and continue to use fossil fuels. The free market system will eventually phase out oil, if you let it. Carbon taxes will only set up an oppressive socialist state. Who’s to stop them from taxing us on every breath we take. I fear for the future of the republic, when combustion will be taxed. Al Gore is a terrorist, using fear to gain control of you and take away your freedoms. Please get the word out, and vote for officials like Ron Paul, who have not been corrupted by the propaganda, and please educate yourselves before you make any rash decisions that will give the government more control, and further rape the shadow of a free market economy that our great nation once possessed.