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I know it looks like America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Garner, is tipping a cold brewski just outside the grocery store, but you can relax in knowing it’s a Virgil’s All Natural Root Beer.  It must have been a hot day.  More note-worthy, Jennifer has chosen reusable grocery bags, and look at the white one with her daughter Violet’s name embroidered on it.  What a cool way to get your kids involved in a green lifestyle.


  • Stacie

    Good job, Jen! It’s great to see celebs setting a great example and walking their talk on environmental issues.

    I bought a set of the Envirosax for Kids for my wee ones and they carry their toys around in them at home and to gmas house, then insist on bringing their own bags grocery shopping with me…(I take my mommy set of Envirosax Mikado style to set a good example) they’re so proud and I’m sure it’s instilling the value of conservation and reusing what you have for more than one thing – so happy I made the purchase.

    I got the full set of 6 and gave a few away to nieces and nephews as well, but you can also pick and choose individual bags if you don’t need all of them. Love the bright colors and cute characters, and they’re super, duper durable from the past 4 months my kids have used them… no wear and tear(s) yet!!!

    Here’s a photo of the set I got them:

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