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“We’re the kids in America”…an eighties new wave anthem, was performed by  pop star Kim Wilde.  Now a mother and professional gardener, the British chart topper is working for U.K.’s Magnet brand kitchen-wares to educate the public on ways to have a green kitchen.  They recommend Eight Simple Steps for Going Green in the Kitchen 2008:  incorporating recycling gadgets; energy-saving appliances; a kitchen garden; fixing leaky taps; organic food; non-toxic cleaning products; turning appliances off; and composting.  Smart advice for the ‘kids in America’ too!

It’s always nice when a “where are they now” turns out to be successful and healthy, especially after surviving the era of big hair and parachute pants.


  • Donna

    Kim Wilde wrote and published 2 bestsellers books about Gardening, she is very active with invirement. However, Kim Wilde didn’t give up on her music career, as a matter of fakt the “Kids in America” Star just released new album “Never say never” with EMI(Germany) and had a big hit in 2007 You Came, Kim is not performing and Touring around the World from Germany/Austria/Turkey/Belgium to UK and France in big arenas
    So Kim is BACK Bigger and Better ::)She will keep on hangin on

  • Donna

    oppos i ment Kim Wilde is Back in music and touring Now around the world

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