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This is a somewhat gratuitious posting, simply to allow me to write about this Summer’s hottest “it” guy – James McAvoy.  I’ve been wondering what he’s like in his personal life, as he seems like such a down to earth guy in interviews (and wicked funny).  When asked “What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t an actor?”, he responded in that dreamy Scottish accent:

“I’d like to be a park ranger or something like that. I love the outdoors, and I love being in big spaces, and I love not being with lots and lots of people. I mean wild, wild outdoors, somewhere like New Zealand or something like that, or maybe up in like the highlands of Scotland. I love the mountains.”

I love the mountains too, James!


  • Brookie

    Oh swoooon!

  • Lizzie

    Oh James, James, James he makes me swooooon as well! I love his honesty in his interviews. And he is so lovely to look at and listen too! James I would go to the wilds of New Zealand or definitely the highlands of Scotland!