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cindy crawfordCindy Crawford may be super famous and adored by millions, but she revealed it’s her kids who have an enormous amount of power over her when it comes to making green lifestyle decisions.  “They go to a school that’s very green”, revealed Cindy as she discussed the pressure the kids put on her to make “cool” choices. If she even attempts to use a plastic bag, the kids ask her what she’s doing and remind her to use her cloth bags.  Cindy remains in her post as spokesperson for PUR Water Filtration, so I”m hoping she’s teaching the kids’ school a thing or two about plastic bottles.

I also hope this trend around the nation continues to grow, where green schools are not only helping the environment but educating the kids. Kids do yield super power in influencing their parents, and when they come home talking about being green…parents will listen and learn. Now, what about the fundraising in schools where you have to buy all that damn virgin-forest gift wrapping paper? Do they still do this in schools near you?


  • erin

    Great. Now if only she’d stop A) shopping at pet stores like the one she frequents in Malibu and B) stop wearing fur coats and signing contracts with fur companies like BlancmaNge to model their dead animals.

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  • Remy Chevalier

    Cindy’s always been a bit of an odd duck… Somewhat removed from her other super model team mates… (Turlington for example who early on developed a set of principles…) Cindy never really went along with the eco-trend… she came late, if at all, to the green scene… not all that concerned. The world revolves around her after all, she’s Shiva, what does she care? Gaia will ultimately swallow everything… what does one plastic bag more or less make a difference? I remember a few years ago, we designed a flyer collage for Wetlands with Cindy walking around in the middle of a land fill holding a shopping bag full of supermarket groceries… it was art, it made a point, but it didn’t phase her one bit, she kept on going for another decade selling crap to the masses, taking the money from top multi-national corporate advertisers, that’s what super models do. Interesting that years later, her kids develop her conscience!