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Parrish previously wrote about The Hills star Lauren Conrad attending the Animal Fair Media’s 2008 Annual “Paws For Style” event — but apparently there was a whole lot more that went down behind the scenes. Animal Fair editor Wendy Diamond alleged that Conrad had short-changed the Humane Society by skipping out on a portion of the fashion show. She also said that Lauren’s plane ticket was paid for by the organization.

On her MySpace page, Conrad shot back at the accusations writing,

“I would like to address some of the internet rumors regarding what happened at an event I attended in New York on Tuesday. I was invited by “Animal Fair Magazine” to attend a charity event, “Paws For Style” fashion show. I have always been a supporter of animal causes. I own 2 rescue animals and this sounded like a great event. I agreed to pose for the cover of the magazine, host the event, do press at the event and donate clothing, all of which I did. I was not aware of any other commitments. I was not paid to attend the event and my hotel room was donated to the charity. I also made a voluntary donation to the Humane Society for more then the cost of my airfare so there would be no expense to the charity. I have always been responsible and keep my word on all commitments. I am extremely hurt and disappointed that Wendy Diamond would go to the press and attack me with untrue statements. Anyone who knows me, knows this is not the kind of person I am or who my parent’s raised me to be. It’s just embarrassing that people are saying these things about me. I was trying to do a good thing and help out a charity by doing everything I agreed to do. I continue to support the Humane Society, as it is a wonderful organization.”

Booya! Gotta give props to the girl for fighting back. Question is, who’s right?

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  • Liz

    It’s interesting that we now live in a world where celebrities actually speak through their MySpaces instead of their publicists. I can’t judge this one, but it’ll be interesting to see what comes out of it.

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  • Adriana Pagano

    The event was for the Humane Society of New York, not the HSUS. Please publish a correction so people don’t get the wrong idea about the HSUS, since your “Humane Society” link goes to the HSUS site!

  • michael

    Corrected! Apologies!