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Well hello bloggers! I’ve been on vaca for the past week…what have I missed? I’ll tell you one thing I DIDN’T miss! Last week T. Boone Pickens (read: huge Texas oil and gas exec) unveiled his new plan to increase U.S renewable energy and reduce independence on foreign oil. Ah, that’s adorable!

Pickens sat down with Katie Couric to uncover his plan in detail. Hey listen I’m totally stoked about everyone talking renewable resources, but there’s something about an oil man telling me about how I can reduce my oil consumption that smells kinda fishy. Take a look at the video below and judge for yourself.


One Response to Oil Executive T. Boone Pickens Chills With Katie Couric

  1. Is Katie Couric a communist? Why else would she question Pickens’s profit motive? Heck, if he thinks he can make money from wind, please, please… because the problem right now, what Katie should “really” be addressing, if she wasn’t such a Rockefeller media shill, is why are tax payers getting dragged into a new wave of nuclear power construction, sanctified by Al Gore and both presidential candidates, which is sure to cost billions in over runs, billions more in clean up, if clean up is even an option after a nuclear accident! Wake up Katie, let the man make his millions from wind, put lots of green collar jobs into the work force… at least he’s not building nuclear power plants!

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