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“We’re the only species that still feels we need to drink the milk of others. And then we’re the only being that drinks milk period as an adult. That’s another thing that people think – that you can’t be muscular or strong without eating flesh. Mac Danzig is an Ultimate Fighter and he is vegan. He could kick anybody’s ass. I really like to see other vegan people doing things that vegans aren’t supposed to do.”

- MURS talking with PETA about the VEG lifestyle. Check out the whole interview at

  • Vegan Snorkeler

    Drinking milk really is gross, when you think about it.

  • ainteasybeinggreen

    I keep hearing that humans are the only species that desire to drink another species’ milk. I guess no one else but me has a cat that dives for the leftover cow’s milk in their cereal bowl.

  • philip

    I guess….no one else but Ainteasybeinggreen is the only one who believes a cat diving for milk in a cereal bowl is natural behavior. I think Murs was referring specifically that our species drinking cows milk as doing something unnatural and un healthy…for both the human and the animal whose milk we steal. Cats in the wild do not drink milk out of cereal bowls and…you are the only one who does not realize that it was a human species who gave the cat the milk out of a cereal bowl in the first place.

  • Remy Chevalier

    What is natural behavior, other than behavior trained over years of environmental adaptation? Mall rats are a species, which has learned to habitate climate controlled environments, considered more comfortable to fleshy humans than the harshness of sun, dust and wind.

    Streets smelled like manure, spreading disease, before the horseless carriage. Is riding horses “natural” behavior, or environmental adaptation, or both?

    We made the modern world, we adapted to it, now the fuels supporting our creature comforts are dwindling, and we are rushing to seek alternatives.

    The world will change, some of us will adapt to the new surroundings, some of us won’t… my concern is we don’t terra form Earth into Mars, leave behind a radioactive wasteland, while a select few can only function in high tech hazmat space gear!

    Something which may have already happened on Earth in a previous cycle of civilization… hmmm…